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Top 10 Saul Leiter Quotes (2024 Update)

Saul Leiter Quote: “I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera. I look into the camera and take pictures. My photographs are the tiniest part of what I see that could be photographed. They are fragments of endless possibilities.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “I spent a great deal of my life being ignored. I was always very happy that way. Being ignored is a great privilege. That is how I think I learned to see what others do not see and to react to situations differently. I simply looked at the world, not really prepared for anything.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “Seeing is a neglected enterprise.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “I go out to take a walk, I see something, I take a picture. I take photographs. I have avoided profound explanations of what I do.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “The important thing in life is not what you get, but what you throw out.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “There are the things that are out in the open and then there are the things that are hidden, and life has more to do, the real world has more to do with what is hidden, maybe. You think?”
Saul Leiter Quote: “Photography allows you to learn to look and see. You begin to see things you’d never paid attention to.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “I leave these speculations to others. It’s quite possible that my work represents a search for beauty in the most prosaic and ordinary places. One doesn’t have to be in some faraway dreamland in order to find beauty.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “When we do not know why the photographer has taken a picture and when we do not know why we are looking at it, all of a sudden we discover something that we start seeing. I like this confusion.”
Saul Leiter Quote: “I admired a tremendous number of photographers, but for some reason I arrived at a point of view of my own.”
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