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Top 25 Scott Galloway Quotes (2024 Update)

Scott Galloway Quote: “Gap years should be the norm, not the exception. An increasingly ugly secret of campus life is that a mix of helicopter parenting and social media has rendered many 18-year-olds unfit for college. Ninety percent of kids who defer and take a gap year return to college and are more likely to graduate, with better grades.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Consumers don’t want more choice, but more confidence in the choices presented. Choice is a tax on time and attention. Customers want someone else to do the research and curate the options for them.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Brands are two things: promise and performance.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “We like to position education as the great leveler. But in fact it has become a caste system, a means of passing privilege on to the next generation.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity,” said Coco Chanel.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “The number one piece of advice seniors would give to their younger selves is that they wish they’d been less hard on themselves.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Failure and invention are inseparable twins. To invent you have to experiment, and if you know in advance that it’s going to work, it’s not an experiment.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “It’s never been a better time to be exceptional, or a worst time to be average.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Balance when establishing your career, in my view, is largely a myth. “Struggle porn” will tell you that you must be miserable before you can be successful. This isn’t true: you can experience a lot of reward along the way to success. But if balance is your priority in your youth, then you need to accept that, unless you are a genius, you may not reach the upper rungs of economic security.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “In the past decade, we have transitioned from an innovation economy to an exploitation economy. Innovation is dangerous and unpredictable. It changes market dynamics and creates opportunities for nimble new players to steal share from established players.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Pay special attention to things that bring you joy that don’t involve mind-altering substances or a lot of money. Whether it’s cooking, capoeira, the guitar, or mountain biking, interests and hobbies add texture to your personality. Being “in the zone” is happiness. You lose the sense of time, forget yourself, and feel part of something larger.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “A step backward, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction. – Kurt Vonnegut.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “The result has been disproportionate suffering. Lower-income Americans and people of color are more likely to be infected and face twice the risk of serious illness than people from higher-income households.7 For the wealthy, time with family, Netflix, savings, and stock portfolio value have all increased as commutes and costs have declined.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “The ultimate gift, in our digital age, is a CEO who has the storytelling talent to capture the imagination of the markets while surrounding themselves with people who can show incremental progress against that vision each day.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “The nation once idolized astronauts and civil rights leaders who inspired hope and empathy. Now it worships tech innovators who generate billions and move financial markets. We get the heroes we deserve.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “One way to appreciate the brilliance of this acquisition is to look at Instagram’s “Power Index,” the number of people a platform reaches times their level of engagement. This social index reveals Instagram as the world’s most powerful platform, as it has 400 million users, a third of Facebook’s, but garners fifteen times the level of engagement. L2 Analysis of Unmetric Data.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Entrepreneurs are usually enamored with the preciousness of their product vs. something that can scale.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “The wealthiest man in the twentieth century mastered the art of minimum-wage employees selling you stuff. The wealthiest man of the twenty-first century is mastering the science of zero-wage robots selling you stuff.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “I believe most people are especially repelled by attributes in other people that remind them of things they loathe about themselves.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “People who received a great deal of attention for their looks at a young age are more likely to opt for cosmetic procedures when older. It’s the same in business.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “You want to cover more ground in less time than your peers. This is partially built on talent, but mostly on strategy and endurance.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Expect that a certain amount of failure is out of your control, and recognize you may need to endure it or move on.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “This is the challenge with owning a restaurant. A large fixed cost – your lease – and little or nothing you can do about it, and because it’s a low-margin business with few sources of funding, there’s typically no capital cushion to survive lean times.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “My experience in traditional firms is that anything new is seen as innovative, and the people assigned to it, like any parent, become irrationally passionate about the project and refuse to acknowledge just how stupid and ugly your little project has become.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Altruistic behavior decreases in times of greater income inequality. The rich are more generous in times of lesser inequality and less generous when inequality grows more extreme.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Don’t follow your passion, follow your talent.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Recent research from the Johns Hopkins University Center on Aging and Health found that caregivers had an 18 percent lower mortality rate than noncaregivers.”
Scott Galloway Quote: “Booking travel the same day? You must be a business traveler, please – bend over.”
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