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Serena Williams Quotes
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Serena Williams Quote: “I am here to play women’s tennis. I’m a lady. Predominantly, most of the time I always like to play ladies.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Everybody who plays me plays me so hard because they always want to beat me.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I love hitting aces. It’s not easy, but it makes your life a lot easier.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Who says that your thirties is when you’re supposed to be done? I would like to know who made that rule!”
Serena Williams Quote: “I don’t want to be like some of those celebrities walking around, just so full of themselves. I always want to be down-to-earth, want to be a person like when you meet them, they’re the same person that you think of them in the article or something.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I want to be a giving woman and just a nice person in general.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I decided I can’t pay a person to rewind time, so I may as well get over it.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I grew up watching my mom in the kitchen, that’s how I know anything about cooking. I’ve always wanted to go to a culinary class actually.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m really exciting. I smile a lot, I win a lot, and I’m really sexy.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m thankful to my family, friends, and fans for all of their support.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Having a pulmonary embolism is definitely easier than heart break.”
Serena Williams Quote: “We’re sisters, we’re roommates, we’re all that.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I think my father is probably the best coach ever because if we talk about numbers, he’s got a lot and he’s only had two players.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Family’s first, and that’s what matters most. We realize that our love goes deeper than the tennis game.”
Serena Williams Quote: “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.”
Serena Williams Quote: “The guy is the greatest male athletes of all time.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I wish I could play like Roger Federer.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I definitely want to have kids one day. That’s something I’ve always wanted since as long as I could remember. And the older I get, the more I’m like, “I’m too young!””
Serena Williams Quote: “My coach has said to me, “When you win a match or a tournament, you don’t even think about it – the very next minute you’re like”.”
Serena Williams Quote: “You can’t play well if you don’t look good.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Everyone is from Russia. Sometimes I think I’m from Russia, too. All these new Ovas. I don’t know anyone. I don’t really recognise anyone. That’s just how it is. I think my name must be Williamsova.”
Serena Williams Quote: “To this day, I don’t love my arms. People want more fit arms, but my arms are too fit. But I’m not complaining. They pay my bills.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I just love leopard print.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m so frugal, you wouldn’t believe it.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Legendary? I don’t know. I’m just Serena.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I was having an out-of-body experience, it was so hot. I felt I was watching someone play in a blue dress, and it wasn’t me.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Dad thanks for leaning in by helping me become a role model for young girls.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Tennis is my job, but it’s not my life.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Hopefully, we can build a rivalry and we’ll be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions.”
Serena Williams Quote: “It’s a corset design making me look very, very slim and trim. I call it a corset dress. Very Hollywood glamour with the silk.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m an actress, model and athlete, and I’d put athlete third on the list.”
Serena Williams Quote: “My goal in a couple of years is to try to build a successful fashion house like Armani or Versace. I want that more than anything.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I was talking to my mom one time, like, “Gosh, I’m 30.” And she’s like, “In your thirties you’re even stronger than in your twenties.” I didn’t believe her, but I have played better in my thirties.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I feel like I don’t have to win anymore. I’ve had a wonderful career. Tennis has given me so much, things I would have never expected in my life. I feel honored to even be a part of such a wonderful sport.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ll probably be wearing something fun and sexy as usual, but I can’t say it will be the ‘Catsuit.’”
Serena Williams Quote: “Am I the greatest? I don’t know. I’m the greatest that I can be.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m definitely not at my best. Honestly, I’m under 50 percent. But I’ve won stuff under 50 percent before.”
Serena Williams Quote: “With my website, I’m really interactive. I’ve written a lot of things about me.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ve been getting my reel together. I think they are looking at me more as an actress because I have a lot of potential and a lot of skills.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I talked with Tom Hanks. I saw that movie ‘Turner and Hooch’ at least 50 times. It took all my guts to go up to him. I went up to him, I was like, ‘Can I have a picture?’ We talked acting; he wanted to know what I was doing. We talked a little tennis. I mean, he knew all about myself and my sister.”
Serena Williams Quote: “A lifetime with Venus Williams will not be enough.”
Serena Williams Quote: “My mom’s chicken, with rice and gravy was my favorite dish as a kid, and it still is now. That’s my favorite meal from her or from anybody. It’s a family favorite.”
Serena Williams Quote: “How many people yell at linespeople? I see it happening all the time. I don’t know how many times I have seen that happen.”
Serena Williams Quote: “When you travel so much, the best and most relaxing thing is to just sit on the couch and not move.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m an unbelievable designer.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ve always made some legendary comebacks since 1998 when it first started. So that’s kind of just been my MO for my whole career.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Couple years ago I was No. 7 and I ended up top. So I kind of like the position that I’m at right now. It’s hot.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I have started to realize that I am really just a world athlete and a world entertainer – I am a world-known person, I am a global icon.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m Serena Williams on the court, but away I have so many different names. I call myself Butterfly.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I just could never have imagined that I would be mentioned with Chris Evert or with Martina Navratilova, because I was just a kid with a dream and a racquet. Living in Compton, this never happened before.”
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