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Serena Williams Quotes
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Serena Williams Quote: “It’s amazing, but I guess that happens when you become overly famous. Every week now, I get more famous.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I feel like I’m really young and I’m only thinking about my career and continuing playing.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I would be really excellent in a horror film because I have a great scream. I’d be really good in a comedy too. I’m top, top, top quality.”
Serena Williams Quote: “A lifetime with Venus Williams will not be enough.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I just could never have imagined that I would be mentioned with Chris Evert or with Martina Navratilova, because I was just a kid with a dream and a racquet. Living in Compton, this never happened before.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I love going to movies.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I love designing dresses and tops.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m an unbelievable designer.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ve been getting my reel together. I think they are looking at me more as an actress because I have a lot of potential and a lot of skills.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Honestly, I don’t read the press. I don’t know what they’re saying.”
Serena Williams Quote: “If you can keep playing tennis when somebody is shooting a gun down the street, that’s concentration.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I talked with Tom Hanks. I saw that movie ‘Turner and Hooch’ at least 50 times. It took all my guts to go up to him. I went up to him, I was like, ‘Can I have a picture?’ We talked acting; he wanted to know what I was doing. We talked a little tennis. I mean, he knew all about myself and my sister.”
Serena Williams Quote: “It’s a corset design making me look very, very slim and trim. I call it a corset dress. Very Hollywood glamour with the silk.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’m currently writing a screenplay that I haven’t started yet.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Dad thanks for leaning in by helping me become a role model for young girls.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I think a smile can make your whole body. Models, they look fabulous, but they don’t smile, and they look so mad.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I always ask my dad, ‘Why wasn’t I a lefty?’ Even when I was younger I wanted to be lefty. I could have been really good.”
Serena Williams Quote: “The knee just isn’t 100 percent. It’s hard to be out there when you know that you can’t play at your best and could potentially make it worse.”
Serena Williams Quote: “It’s always good to get a smaller tournament under your belt so that by the time you get to the Slams, you have a lot of experience.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I love tennis more than designing because it’s actually easier and I don’t get nearly as nervous.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I feel as a brand I’m here to be around for a long time.”
Serena Williams Quote: “It’s so great to have that opportunity with so many young American players coming up now. It’s just so exciting. We have to root for the home country.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ve always made some legendary comebacks since 1998 when it first started. So that’s kind of just been my MO for my whole career.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ve been writing, but I haven’t been writing. In my mind I’ve been saying I want to write, but I haven’t actually physically picked up a pencil and started writing.”
Serena Williams Quote: “We’re going in really fresh. We’re going to have fresh legs and bodies, we’re going to be able to stay the distance, and that’s our goal.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I am basically a blazer. If I were a clothing item, I would be a legging and a blazer.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Yeah, um, I do twitter because I want people to, you know, get to know me, my fans, or my fans to get to know me, you know, just see what type of person I am. You know, hopefully be more on an intimate level with me as opposed to a distant level.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I don’t want to end my career and then start something, I like to do something while my career is still hot and I’ve always enjoyed designing. There’s plenty of time after my tennis to definitely go full-time fashion, when I have arthritis and all that fun stuff.”
Serena Williams Quote: “Everyone in this room knows that Venus is probably one of the greatest people on the tour. She’s really great. She’s super professional. Complete opposite of me.”
Serena Williams Quote: “People see me on the court only as a superhero, grunting and winning. They think you’re a robot, and I’m not.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ve developed a karaoke habit. I’ve become a crooner.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I’ll probably be wearing something fun and sexy as usual, but I can’t say it will be the ‘Catsuit.’”
Serena Williams Quote: “I think it’s bad when people start booing between serves.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I know a lot of people who are 12 and doing things they shouldnt be doing. Whether youre an actress or a singer, its always the sexier ones that are selling more tickets or selling more albums.”
Serena Williams Quote: “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.”
Serena Williams Quote: “I do want to look good still; I do want to be healthy.”
Serena Williams Quote: “My mom’s chicken, with rice and gravy was my favorite dish as a kid, and it still is now. That’s my favorite meal from her or from anybody. It’s a family favorite.”
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