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Sheryl Sandberg Quotes
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Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “We can joke, as Marlo Thomas did, that “a man has to be Joe McCarthy in order to be called ruthless. All a woman needs to do is put you on hold.” Real change will come when powerful women are less of an exception. It is easy to dislike senior women because there are so few. If women held 50 percent of the top jobs, it would just not be possible to dislike that many people.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Each one of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When children feel comfortable asking for help, they know they matter.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “In prosperity our friends know us. In adversity we know our friends.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When companies fail, it’s usually for reasons that almost everyone knows but almost no one has voiced. When someone isn’t making good decisions, few have the guts to tell that person, especially if that person is the boss. One.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When a girl tries to lead, she is often labeled bossy. Boys are seldom called bossy because a boy taking the role of a boss does not surprise or offend.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Self-compassion isn’t talked about as much as it should be, maybe because it’s often confused with its troublesome cousins, self-pity and self-indulgence. Psychologist Kristin Neff describes self-compassion as offering the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to a friend. It allows us t respond to our own errors with conern and understanding rather than criticism and shame.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Men are continually applauded for being ambitious and powerful and successful, but women who display these same traits often pay a social penalty. Female accomplishments come at a cost.19.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When we look for joy, we often focus on the big moments. Graduating from school. Having a child. Getting a job. Being reunited with family. But happiness is the frequency of positive experiences, not the intensity.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When a kid struggles at math, instead of saying, “Maybe math isn’t one of your strengths,” Dweck recommends, “The feeling of math being hard is the feeling of your brain growing.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Facebook is a really exciting place trying to do something really important that I really believe in. And it matters.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Avoiding feelings isn’t the same as protecting feelings.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “I’m excited that more people, especially men, are understanding that equality is good for them. I don’t want men to want equality for women because they’re being nice to their colleagues and daughters. I want men to want it because it’s better for their companies and their lives.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When I was on the other side, my reply became, “I can’t imagine either, but I have no choice.” I.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When I went to college, as much as my parents emphasized academic achievement, they emphasized marriage even more. They told me that the most eligible women marry young to get a ‘good man’ before they are all taken.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Not only do we learn more from failure than success, we learn more from bigger failures because we scrutinize them more closely.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Most people, myself included, really want to be liked – and not just because it feels good. Being liked is also a key factor in both professional and personal success. A willingness to make an introduction or advocate for or promote someone depends upon having positive feelings about that person. We need to believe in her ability to do the job and get along with everyone while doing it. That’s why, instinctively, many of us feel pressure to mute our accomplishments.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “In order to protect ourselves from being disliked, we question our abilities and downplay our achievements, especially in the presence of others. We put ourselves down before others can.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Believing it will all work out helps it all work out.” A.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “She explained that many people, but especially women, feel fraudulent when they are praised for their accomplishments.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Self-compassion comes from recognizing that our imperfections are part of being human.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When we are no longer able to change a situation,” psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl observed, “we are challenged to change ourselves.” After.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When Gloria Steinem marched in the streets to fight for the opportunities that so many of us now take for granted, she quoted Susan B. Anthony, who marched in the streets before her and concluded, “Our job is not to make young women grateful. It is to make them ungrateful so they keep going.”27 The sentiment remains true today. We need to be grateful for what we have but dissatisfied with the status quo. This dissatisfaction spurs the charge for change. We must keep going.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Professor Rosalind Chait Barnett of Brandeis University did a comprehensive review of studies on work-life balance and found that women who participate in multiple roles 36 actually have lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of mental well-being. Employed women reap rewards including greater financial security, more stable marriages, better health, and, in general, 37 increased life satisfaction.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Teams that focus on learning from failure outperform those that don’t, but not everyone works in an organization that takes the long view.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “At best, people are open to scrutinizing themselves and considering their blind spots; at worst, they become defensive and angry.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Even people who have endured the worst suffering often want to talk about it.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Women have made tons of progress. But we still have a small percentage of the top jobs in any industry, in any nation in the world. I think that’s partly because from a very young age, we encourage our boys to lead and we call our girls bossy.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “It’s easy to dislike the few senior women out there. What if women were half the positions in power? It would be harder to dislike all of them.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn’t go our way,” he said. “There are always things you can do better. It’s a game of mistakes.” Sports.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “As the elephant in the room went unacknowledged, it started acting up, trampling over my relationships.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “To really care about others, we have to understand them – what they like and dislike, what they feel as well as think. Emotion drives both men and women and influences every decision we make. Recognizing the role emotions play and being willing to discuss them makes us better managers, partners, and peers.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Feedback is an opinion, grounded in observations and experiences, which allows us to know what impression we make on others.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Men have an easier time finding the mentors and sponsors who are invaluable for career progression. Plus, women have to prove themselves to a far greater extent than men do. And this is not just in our heads. A 2011 McKinsey report noted that men are promoted based on potential, while women are promoted based on past accomplishments.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Looking back, it made no sense for my college friends and me to distance ourselves from the hard-won achievements of earlier feminists. We should have cheered their efforts. Instead, we lowered our voices, thinking the battle was over, and with this reticence we hurt ourselves.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “We also all know people who could do so much more if only they believed in themselves. Like so many things, a lack of confidence can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t know how to convince anyone to believe deep down that she is the best person for the job, not even myself.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Acting in stereotypically feminine ways makes it difficult for women to reach for the same opportunities as men, but defying expectations and reaching for those opportunities leads to being judged as undeserving and selfish.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Now the stress dream was real. I was alone in my bed. Alone when my kids went on playdates. Just one hour in my house without them made me project into the future to when they would go off to college, leaving me behind. Would I be alone for the rest of my life? Marne.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When someone isn’t making good decisions, few have the guts to tell that person, especially if that person is the boss. One.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “In companies, nonprofits, government, and the military, he finds that the more people believe their jobs help others, the less emotionally exhausted they feel at work and the less depressed they feel in life. And on days when people think they’ve had a meaningful impact on others at work, they feel more energized at home and more capable of dealing with difficult situations.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “I want women to get paid more. I want to teach them to negotiate so they get paid more.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “In my experience, survivors want the opportunity to teach and not be shunned because they went through something unknowable,” Merle said.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Ephron insisted, “It will be a little messy, but embrace the mess. It will be complicated, but rejoice in the complications. It will not be anything like what you think it will be like, but surprises are good for you. And don’t be frightened: you can always change your mind. I know: I’ve had four careers and three husbands.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “The birth of a child instantly changes how we define ourselves. Women become mothers. Men become fathers. Couples become parents. Our priorities shift in fundamental ways. Parenting may be the most rewarding experience, but it is also the hardest and most humbling.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When children feel comfortable asking for help, they know they matter. They see that others care and want to be there for them. They understand that they are not alone and can gain some control by reaching out for support. They realize that pain is not permanent; things can get better.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Psychologists have found that over time we usually regret the chances we missed, not the chances we took.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “That even in the face of the most shocking tragedy of my life, I could exert some control over its impact.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “Reflecting someone’s viewpoint clarifies the disagreement and becomes a starting point for resolution. We all want to be heard, and when we focus on showing others that we are listening, we actually become better listeners.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “When a woman excels at her job, both male and female coworkers will remark that she may be accomplishing a lot, but is “not well-liked by her peers.” She is probably also “too aggressive,” “not a team player,” “a bit political,” “can’t be trusted,” or “difficult.”
Sheryl Sandberg Quote: “If friends didn’t ask how I was doing, did that mean they didn’t care?”
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