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Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I haven’t abandoned you, my little ally, my heart. I kiss you with all my soul.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Suddenly I was struck motionless: I was living through the first chapter of a novel in which I was the heroine; she was still almost a child, but we, too, were growing up.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I asked Isabelle whether she was happy. “I never ask myself, so I suppose the answer is yes.” At all events she likes the moment of waking up. That seems to me a pretty good definition of happiness! It is the same with me: every morning, when I open my eyes, I smile.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I was still keenly aware as in my childhood of the inexplicable nature of my presence here on earth; where had I come from here; where was I going? I often thought about these things with a kind of stupefied horror and used to fill my diary with long self-communings.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I quickly realized that friendships without tomorrows, and the little anguishes of parting, were part of the pleasures of traveling. I resolutely avoided bores, saw only those who amused me. We spent afternoons taking long walks, nights drinking and talking, and then we would leave each other, never to meet again, and there were no regrets. How simple life was. No regrets, no obligations, my acts and gestures counted for nothing, no one asked my advice, and I knew no other rule but my whims.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “At the present time there still exist many doctrines which choose to leave in the shadow certain troubling aspects of a too complex situation. But their attempt to lie to us is in vain. Cowardice does not pay. Those reasonable metaphysics, those consoling ethics with which they would like to entice us only accentuate the disorder from which we suffer.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Insects were scurrying about in the shade cast by the grass, and the lawn was a huge monotonous forest of thousands of little green blades, all equal, all alike, hiding the world from each other. Anguished, she thought, “I don’t want to be just another blade of grass.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Always the same faces, the same surroundings, the same conversations, the same problems. The more it changes, the more it repeats itself. In the end, you feel as if you’re dying alive.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I didn’t know the first thing about the people around me, but that didn’t matter: I was in a new world; and I had the feelings that at last I had put my finger on the secret of freedom.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Ver cambiar el mundo es a la vez milagroso y desolador.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Existence asserts itself as an absolute which must seek its justification within itself and not suppress itself. To attain this truth, man must not attempt to dispel the ambiguity of his being but, on the contrary, accept the task of realizing it.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “One night I summoned God, if He really existed, to show Himself to me. He didn’t, and I never addressed another word to Him. In my heart of hearts I was very glad He didn’t exist. I should have hated it if what was going on here below had had to end up in eternity.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I hadn’t known Chancel very well, but ten days earlier I had seen him laughing with the others around the Christmas tree. Maybe Robert was right; the distance between the living and the dead really isn’t very great. And yet, like myself, those future corpses who were drinking their coffee in silence appeared ashamed to be so alive.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “She had appetites in plenty: she spent all her strength in repressing them and she underwent this denial in anger.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “If she could inherit, she would thus wrongly transmit her paternal family’s riches to that of her husband: she is carefully excluded from the succession.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “The means, it is said, will be justified by the end; but it is the means which define it, and if it is contradicted at the moment that it is set up, the whole enterprise sinks into absurdity.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “By the time humankind reaches the stage of writing its mythology and laws, patriarchy is definitively established: it is males who write the codes.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “One understands now the drama that rends the adolescent girl at puberty: she cannot become “a grown-up” without accepting her femininity.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Oh, it was easy to be a soldier, it was much less easy to become a man again.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “The truth is, however, that when two individuals detest each other, while being unable to get along without each other, it is not of all human relations the truest and most moving, but rather the most pitiable.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I was too much of an extremist to be able to live under the eye of God and at the same time say both yes and no to life.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “But I know my only defense is to answer, “I think it because it is true,” thereby eliminating my subjectivity;.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “They use the pretext of avoiding war, to make you swallow any kind of peace, said Paul. They use the pretext of a revolution to involve us in any kind of war, said Jardinet.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “If I were to share Jaques’ existence I would find it hard to hold my own against him, for already I found his nihilism contagious.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Life can’t be bought piecemeal; it has to be purchased in bulk- all or nothing. Only there isn’t time enough for everything, that’s the tragedy of it.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Have you ever felt in your inmost being, the conscience of others?′ again she was trembling, the words were not releasing her. ‘It’s intolerable you know.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I told myself that as long as there were books I could be sure of being happy.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Saint Thomas declared that woman was an “inessential” being, which, from a masculine point of view, is a way of positing the accidental character of sexuality.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “For the first time I saw her as a dead body under suspended sentence.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Jaques was only what he was; but from a distance he became something more, became everything to me, everything I did not possess. It was to him I owed pains and pleasures whose violence alone saved me from the deserts of boredom in which I found myself bogged down.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “As we talked in the half-darkness I assuaged an old unhappiness.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “It was an odd experience, this bringing to life of pages born of my pen and forgotten. From time to time they interested me – they surprised me as much as if someone else had written them; yet I recognized the vocabulary, the shape of the sentences, the drive, the elliptical forms, the mannerisms. These pages were soaked through and through with my self – there was a sickening intimacy about it, like the smell of a bedroom in which one has been shut up too long.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “High as it may be, the number of victims is always measurable; and each one taken one by one is never anything but an individual: yet, through time and space, the triumph of the cause embraces the infinite, it interests the whole collectivity. In order to deny the outrage it is enough to deny the importance of the individual, even though it be at the cost of this collectivity: it is everything, he is only a zero.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “And it’s the same thing everywhere all the time whether they’re stuffing themselves with chips paella or pizza it’s the same crew a filthy crew the rich who trample over you the poor who hate you for your money the old who dodder the young who sneer the men who show off the women who open their legs. I’d rather stay at home reading a thriller although they’ve become so dreary nowadays. The TV too what a clapped-out set of fools! I was made for another planet altogether I mistook the way.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Authentic love must be founded on reciprocal recognition of two freedoms...”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Being on the fringes of the world is not the best place for someone who intends to re-create it: here again, to go beyond the given, one must be deeply rooted in it. Personal accomplishments are almost impossible in human categories collectively kept in an inferior situation.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “The world brings itself into being before my eyes in an everlasting present: I grow used to its different aspects so quickly that it does not seem to me to change.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “One of the most remarkable features to be noted as we survey the scale of animal life is that as we go up, individuality is seen to be more and more fully developed. At the bottom, life is concerned only in the survival of the species as a whole; at the top, life seeks expression through particular individuals, while accomplishing also the survival of the group.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I was convinced that I would be, that I was already, one in a million.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “One has no right to make up one’s mind about the future in advance.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “On the contrary, shared destitution makes the conjugal link reciprocal.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “But it is impossible for anyone to say ‘I am sacrificing myself’ without feeling bitterness.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “I could easily understand why Lambert was bored with this peace which gave us back our lives without giving us back our reasons for living.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “It takes a lot of strength, a lot of pride or a lot of love to believe that what one man does has any importance, or that life can conquer death.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “Ze had een hekel aan die anonieme hotelkamers waar zoveel mensen waren geweest zonder sporen achter te laten, waar zij zelf ook geen enkel spoor zou achterlaten. Alles blijft precies hetzelfde als ik er niet meer ben. Dat is wat doodgaan is, dacht ze.”
Simone de Beauvoir Quote: “One can not, without absurdity, indefinitely sacrifice each generation to the following one; human history would then be only an endless succession of negations which would never return to the positive.”
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