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Top 10 Stephanie Laurens Quotes (2023 Update)

Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Just because I’m not forever by your side doesn’t mean that’s not precisely where I want to be.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Love wasn’t a happening one decided on – to indulge or not, to partake or not. To feel or not. When it came, when it struck, the only decision left to make was how to respond – whether you embraced it, took it in, and made it a part of you, or whether you turned your back and let it die.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Get out of here, Antonia. Now.” There was no real force behind the command, as if only a part of him meant it.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Love simply is – it asks no permissions. Acceptance is all love asks, the only demand it makes, but it is an absolute one. You can either admit it to your heart or refuse it, but there’s no other option.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “If your middle name is Temptation, then mine is Persistence.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Love truly is the most transformative power in heaven and on earth.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Abstinence. It didn’t even sound comfortable.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “I am always late. If I arrived early, my hostess would faint.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “It was not the first time she’d been kissed, yet it was.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “You, me – we’re not the same, but we – our lives – somehow fit together.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “And, of course, this time, there was no question of him not succeeding – he intended to get his ring on her finger no matter how long it took. This.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “Just her luck to be abducted by kidnappers who could think.”
Stephanie Laurens Quote: “They were also invincibly arrogant, a characteristic fueled by the fact that they were, by and large, as talented as they thought themselves, a situation which engendered in less-favored mortals a certain reluctant respect. Not that Cynsters demanded respect – they simply took it as their due.”
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