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Top 120 Steve Gilliland Quotes (2023 Update)
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Steve Gilliland Quote: “Very few people acquire wealth in such a manner as to receive pleasure from it.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “By always chasing after another “there” you are never really appreciating what you already have right here.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Comparison prohibits you from seeing your uniqueness.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “When we are pretending to be something or someone we are not, we cannot help but feel uneasy.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “People who are committed to a purpose usually view change as a challenge rather than a threat and aren’t stressed by it in a negative way.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Success is deciding what you like to do and then determining how to be successful doing it.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Sometimes the things we are most passionate about escape us not because of a lack of talent, but rather because we lack the resolve necessary to pursue them.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “The small stuff makes a big difference!”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “We have managed to take the inconsequential and make it important by making it more immediate.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “It is your life experiences that open up your heart to have compassion for the most difficult challenges that people face along the journey.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Love what you do and, most importantly, why you do it.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Regret preoccupies you in ways that will demoralize you and your ability to let go of the past and improve your future.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “A good self-image allows us to concentrate on compliments paid to us and the successes we have achieved.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Compassion gallops. Judgment merely walks.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “How you see yourself performing in certain situations is a result of how you believe. What you think, you are.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “How empty our words are when they are not sustained by our actions.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “The most important opinion you will ever have is the one in your head.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Imagine what might come up if we shared our thankfulness at dinner every day and turned a holiday tradition into a way of life.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “Why you do what you do provides the motivation for doing it.”
Steve Gilliland Quote: “While people are motivated by several factors, it’s the emotional component that ultimately influences people.”
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