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Steve Gilliland Quote: “Compassion opens limitless doors to human connection.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “The road to regret is besieged with overlooked chances.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “The people who make the biggest difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money or the most awards. They are simply the ones who care the most.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “The process of forgiveness is one of the most important processes we can learn in life, with self-forgiveness being perhaps the most difficult of all.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Time is irreversible and irreplaceable.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Allow the changes you go through in life to make pressure an ally.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Every parent, coach or teacher says the same thing, “All I ask is that you give me your best effort.” If you put all you have into whatever you do, you won’t eliminate failure. If you put everything you have into everything you do, you won’t eliminate disappointment. So, why bother? When your personal philosophy is to do your best, regardless, you will always stand tall in your own estimation. Losing hurts, but it hurts even more when you realize that you haven’t done your best.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Find your purpose. Define it and make it the core of what drives you.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Don’t put your umbrella up until it rains. Worry restricts your ability to think and act effectively.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “When we are self-centered, deep down we believe that if we did not create it or make it happen, it simply does not exist.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Without vision, you have no direction. Without direction, you have no purpose.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “People who have been down so long will try to recruit you to stay down with them. Since they are no longer interested in getting up, their goal in life is to pull someone else down to make themselves feel better.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Abundance is the result of appreciation, not accumulation.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Confrontation is a positive way to handle negative events.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Accepting instruction from people is a life-changing choice that will help you break away from your own negative thinking and allow you to grow.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Generate and maintain a burning desire for your purpose.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “In order to be an inspiration to someone else, you have to be inspired.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “For every action or event, there is an accompanying lesson that must be learned.”

Steve Gilliland Quote: “What you decide to do next will determine what you do next.”

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