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Quotes About Stories: “For me, the pleasure of writing comes with inventing stories.” — Roald Dahl
Quotes About Stories: “I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Quotes About Stories: “The point is the love story. We live in a love story in the midst of war.” — John Eldredge
Quotes About Stories: “The universe is not made up of atoms; it’s made up of tiny stories.” — Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Quotes About Stories: “No story sits by itself, Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another completely, like stones beneath a river.” — Mitch Albom
Quotes About Stories: “Stories are medicine.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Quotes About Stories: “Power is the ability not just to tell the story of another person, but to make it the definitive story of that person.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Quotes About Stories: “Every time I change the way I explain myself to myself, I have to rearrange the story of my life.” — Mason Cooley
Quotes About Stories: “A man is always a teller of tales, he lives surrounded by his stories and the stories of others, he sees everything that happens to him through them; and he tries to live his life as if he were recounting it.” — Jean-Paul Sartre
Quotes About Stories: “If you say you’re worthy, you are. If you say you’re not worthy, you’re not. Either way you will live into your story.” — T. Harv Eker
Quotes About Stories: “The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” — Ben Okri
Quotes About Stories: “A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.” — Graham Greene
Quotes About Stories: “Of course it’s the same old story. Truth usually is the same old story.” — Margaret Thatcher
Quotes About Stories: “I’ve seen the nations rise and fall. I’ve heard their stories, heard them all, but love’s the only engine of survival.” — Leonard Cohen
Quotes About Stories: “Stories happen only to those who are able to tell them, someone once said. In the same way, perhaps, experiences present themselves only to those who are able to have them.” — Paul Auster
Quotes About Stories: “If you’re going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.” — Joseph Campbell
Quotes About Stories: “While there may not be a book in every one of us, there is so often a damned good short story.” — Jeffrey Archer
Quotes About Stories: “The truth of the story lies in the details.” — Paul Auster
Quotes About Stories: “Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” — Madeleine L'Engle
Quotes About Stories: “After writing a story I was always empty and both sad and happy, as though I had made love.” — Ernest Hemingway
Quotes About Stories: “That’s the story of my life; I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.” — Marilyn Monroe
Quotes About Stories: “My story is important not because it is mine, God knows, but because if I tell it anything like right, the chances are you will recognize that in many ways it is also yours.” — Frederick Buechner
Quotes About Stories: “We have to trust that our stories deserve to be told. We may discover that the better we tell our stories the better we will want to live them.” — Henri J.M. Nouwen
Quotes About Stories: “Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening and the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening, stories that get in the way of direct experience. Often such stories treat a fleeting state of mind as if it were our entire and permanent self.” — Sharon Salzberg
Quotes About Stories: “The Story of My Life is drinking cups of tea, eating coco pops and playing Playstation.” — Louis Tomlinson
Quotes About Stories: “Sometimes fairy stories may say best what’s to be said.” — C. S. Lewis
Quotes About Stories: “People tend to forget that the word “history” contains the word “story”.” — Ken Burns
Quotes About Stories: “The fabulous places I’ve been, wonderful things that’ve happened, great people I’ve met ought to make a story.” — Ella Fitzgerald
Quotes About Stories: “In life, every ending is just the start of another story.” — Julian Barnes
Quotes About Stories: “So yo then man what’s your story?” — David Foster Wallace
Quotes About Stories: “Every story I’ve written was written because I had to write it. Writing stories is like breathing for me; it is my life.” — Ray Bradbury
Quotes About Stories: “No man can be friends with a woman he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her. Sex is always out there. Friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story.” — Nora Ephron
Quotes About Stories: “You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way.” — Patrick Rothfuss
Quotes About Stories: “Every doorway, every intersection has a story.” — Katherine Dunn
Quotes About Stories: “The short story is the literature of the nomad.” — John Cheever
Quotes About Stories: “Your success story is a bigger story than whatever you’re trying to say on stage. Success makes life easier. It doesn’t make living easier.” — Bruce Springsteen
Quotes About Stories: “Each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.” — Mitch Albom
Quotes About Stories: “If an idiot were to tell you the same story every day for a year, you would end by believing it.” — Horace Mann
Quotes About Stories: “While they’d be setting up shots, suddenly, there were 17 make-up chicks, just listening to Marlon telling these amazing stories that were probably lies. He was a fascinating individual. I learned a lot from him.” — Johnny Depp
Quotes About Stories: “It’s like Tolstoy said. Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.” — Haruki Murakami
Quotes About Stories: “Surrender is surrender to this moment, not to a story through which you interpret this moment and then try to resign yourself to it.” — Eckhart Tolle
Quotes About Stories: “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.” — Mark Twain
Quotes About Stories: “Anyone can have a once-upon-a-time or a happily-ever-after, but it’s the journey between that makes the story worth telling.” — Chris Colfer
Quotes About Stories: “For we are all bound in stories, and as the years pile up they turn to stone, layer upon layer, building our lives.” — Steven Erikson
Quotes About Stories: “You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories.” — Garrison Keillor
Quotes About Stories: “Self-consciousness is not knowledge but a story one tells about oneself.” — Simone de Beauvoir
Quotes About Stories: “Change your story, change your life. Basically, that’s what it is.” — Deepak Chopra
Quotes About Stories: “Stop trying to write sentences and start trying to write stories.” — James Patterson
Quotes About Stories: “Little events, ordinary things, smashed and reconstituted. Suddenly, they become the bleached bones of a story.” — Arundhati Roy
Quotes About Stories: “Courage is telling our story, not being immune to criticism.” — Brené Brown
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