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Quotes About Stories: “You can only succeed. You cannot fail. Failure is impossible; it is an illusion. Nothing is a failure. Nothing. Everything moves the human story, and hence the process of evolution, forward. Everything advances you on your journey.” — Neale Donald Walsch
Quotes About Stories: “Even knowing the ending was sad, I wouldn’t have deprived myself the beauty of the story.” — Sandra Brown
Quotes About Stories: “I wanted to tell my story and where I came from and my background, because it was not easy.” — Gabby Douglas
Quotes About Stories: “Everyone has their story. Everyone has issues. You have to face your fears.” — Lisa Bonet
Quotes About Stories: “The only moral it is possible to draw from this story is that one should never throw the Q letter into a privet bush, but unfortunately there are times when it is unavoidable.” — Douglas Adams
Quotes About Stories: “Being convinced one knows the whole story is the surest way to fail.” — Phil Crosby
Quotes About Stories: “I like directing much better. It’s more fun, that’s all there is to it. It’s essentially the same job, which is storytelling, but you have more control over the way you want to tell the story. It’s a high. I love it.” — Mel Gibson
Quotes About Stories: “The world is full of fictional characters looking for their stories.” — Diane Arbus
Quotes About Stories: “The craft of questions, the craft of stories, the craft of the hands – all these are the making of something, and that something is soul. Anytime we feed soul, it guarantees increase.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Quotes About Stories: “I think that’s a hallmark of a really good story that it has readers that it speaks to more than others.” — Erin Morgenstern
Quotes About Stories: “In fact, I thought that Christianity was very a good and a very valuable thing for us. But after a while, I began to feel that the story that I was told about this religion wasn’t perhaps completely whole, that something was left out.” — Chinua Achebe
Quotes About Stories: “I like it when somebody tells me a story, and I actually really feel that that’s becoming like a lost art in American cinema.” — Quentin Tarantino
Quotes About Stories: “The greatest story ever told is, in fact, the greatest story ever sold.” — Dan Brown
Quotes About Stories: “The trick to finding ideas is to convince yourself that everyone and everything has a story.” — Malcolm Gladwell
Quotes About Stories: “What do my science fiction stories have in common with pornography? Fantasies of an impossibly hospitable world, I’m told.” — Kurt Vonnegut
Quotes About Stories: “And as he spoke, I was thinking, ’the kind of stories that people turn life into, the kind of lives people turn stories into.” — Philip Roth
Quotes About Stories: “We have, each of us, a life story, whose continuity, whose sense, is our lives.” — Oliver Sacks
Quotes About Stories: “Story is far older than the art of science and psychology, and will always be the elder in the equation no matter how much time passes.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Quotes About Stories: “Perhaps everyone has a story that could break your heart...” — Nick Flynn
Quotes About Stories: “Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there are as yet no words to enable us to get there. Myth is nourished by silence as well as by words.” — Italo Calvino
Quotes About Stories: “There is no right or wrong way to tell a story. You have to find your own way. You can get your idea from listening, looking, or imagining. Stories are everywhere. All you have to do is pay attention.” — Kate DiCamillo
Quotes About Stories: “Better the rudest work that tells a story or records a fact, than the richest without meaning.” — John Ruskin
Quotes About Stories: “Stories are a different kind of true.” — Emma Donoghue
Quotes About Stories: “Even when things are at their worst, there’s a little voice in your head saying, ‘Good story!’” — Salman Rushdie
Quotes About Stories: “The Bible tells a story. A story that isn’t over. A story that is still being told. A story that we have a part to play in.” — Rob Bell
Quotes About Stories: “What’s the use of stories that aren’t even true?” — Salman Rushdie
Quotes About Stories: “A well-thought-out story doesn’t need to resemble real life. Life itself tries with all its might to resemble a well-crafted story.” — Isaac Babel
Quotes About Stories: “I always wondered why the makers leave housekeeping and cooking out of their tales. Isn’t it what all the great wars and battles are fought for – so that at day’s end a family may eat together in a peaceful house?” — Ursula K. Le Guin
Quotes About Stories: “Is falling in love with someone’s story the same thing as falling in love with the person himself?” — Ally Condie
Quotes About Stories: “There’s only one story, the story of your life.” — Helen Keller
Quotes About Stories: “Our stories can set us free. When we set them free.” — Francesca Lia Block
Quotes About Stories: “I want to tell you a story. I have no other vanity.” — Mario Puzo
Quotes About Stories: “What people are ashamed of usually makes a good story.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald
Quotes About Stories: “Any carefully planned thing destroys the creativity. You can’t think your way through a story; you have to live it. So, you don’t build a story; you allow it to explode.” — Ray Bradbury
Quotes About Stories: “If you look at any ancient civilization, they’ve all used fantasy stories to train the young.” — David Gemmell
Quotes About Stories: “I think my story says that, when women are given the chance and the opportunity, that we can achieve a lot. We deliver.” — Sara Blakely
Quotes About Stories: “Politics always change. Stories never do.” — Stephen King
Quotes About Stories: “Certainly going back to Sherlock Holmes we have a tradition of forensic science featured in detective stories.” — Jeffery Deaver
Quotes About Stories: “Some of these things are true and some of them lies. But they are all good stories.” — Hilary Mantel
Quotes About Stories: “Instead of making up stories, stay with the facts. For example, “I am ruined” is a story. It limits you and prevents you from taking effective action. “I have 50 cents left in my bank account” is a fact.” — Eckhart Tolle
Quotes About Stories: “And that is a story that no one can beat, When I say that I saw it on Mulberry Street.” — Dr. Seuss
Quotes About Stories: “Sad words are just another beauty. A sad story means, this storyteller is alive.” — Chris Cleave
Quotes About Stories: “Villains often more the story along while the heros react to the villains, so the villain becomes the engine of the story.” — Michael Scott
Quotes About Stories: “It wasn’t necessary to win for the story to be great, it was only necessary to sacrifice everything.” — Donald Miller
Quotes About Stories: “What I am telling you, before you begin my story, is this – two things: I crave truth. And I lie.” — Tana French
Quotes About Stories: “Body of earth, don’t talk of earth Tell the story of pure mirrors The Creator has given you this splendor – Why talk of anything else?” — Rumi
Quotes About Stories: “Remember that ‘plumber in space’ is not such a bad setup for a story.” — Stephen King
Quotes About Stories: “I generally write a first draft that’s pretty lean. Just get the story down.” — Nora Roberts
Quotes About Stories: “Good marketers tell a story.” — Seth Godin
Quotes About Stories: “Writers end up writing about their obsessions. Things that haunt them; things they can’t forget; stories they carry in their bodies waiting to be released.” — Natalie Goldberg
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