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Top 50 Sue Townsend Quotes (2023 Update)

Sue Townsend Quote: “You should only speak when you have something worth saying.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “It’s no surprise to me that intellectuals commit suicide, go mad or die from drink. We feel things more than other people. We know the world is rotten and that chins are ruined by spots.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “The monarchy is finished. It was finished a while ago, but they’re still making the corpses dance.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I am the world’s worst diabetic.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I have decided to keep a full journal, in the hope that my life will perhaps seem more interesting when it is written down.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Will you lie to me and promise to read them? Books need to be read. The pages need to be turned.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Every time I start a new piece of work, I spend a long while under the duvet thinking I can’t do it.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “There’s only one thing more boring than listening to other people’s dreams, and that’s listening to their problems.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Love is the only thing that keeps me sane...”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Most social problems could be helped or prevented if people had more money and practical advice.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I think we take it for granted that if you are with your husband after 30 years, then he is the love of your life.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “My skin is dead good. I think it must be a combination of being in love and Lucozade.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I am from the working class. I am now what I was then. No amount of balsamic vinegar and Prada handbags could make me forget what it was like to be poor.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Now I know I am an intellectual. I saw Malcolm Muggeridge on the television last night, and I understood nearly every word. It all adds up. A bad home, poor diet, not liking punk. I think I will join the library and see what happens.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Barry Kent’s father looks like a big ape and has got more hair on the back of his hands than my father has got on his entire head.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “What’s the most important quality a person could have, something that would benefit us all?”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I don’t know why women are so mad about flowers. Personally, they leave me cold. I prefer trees.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I haven’t used my brain for so long, the poor thing is huddled in a corner, waiting to be fed.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I have realised I have never seen a dead body or a real female nipple. This is what comes of living in a cul-de-sac.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I married two weeks after my 18th birthday, far too young, and by the time I was 23 I was a single mother of three small children, Sean, Daniel and Victoria, living in a prefab house.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “My grandma let the dog out of the coal shed. She said my mother was cruel to lock it up. The dog was sick on the kitchen floor. My grandma locked it up again.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Yes – I am usually overweight. I have had to be interested in diet because of being diabetic for 30 years and having kidney failure.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I’d love a day devoid of responsibilities. I’ve often thought about going to a hotel just to have a day away from everything.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Adrian Mole’s father was so angry that so many pepole got divorced nowadays. HE had been unhappilly married for 30 years, why should everybody else get away?”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I have decided to be a poet. My father said there isn’t a suitable career structure for poets and no pensions and other boring things, but I am quite decided.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I asked Mr. Vann which O levels you need to write situation comedy for television. Mr. Vann said that you don’t need qualifications at all, you just need to be a moron.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I always knew I had no small talk, and now I know I’ve got no big talk either.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “He had always had difficulty in recognising an emotion.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Sometimes I rant, in a comical way, about how the gods give with one hand and take with the other.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Measured my ‘thing’. It was eleven centimetres.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I had my first wet dream!”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I’m spectacularly disorganised. I wrote my latest book in seven different notebooks scattered throughout my house.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I think it’s essential for comic writers to have a hate figure, a despot, a regime to react against, and I think Thatcher was perfect for me, I loathed everything she stood for.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “She liked people. Me, I can take them or leave them, but mostly leave them.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I think Jane Austen should write something a bit more modern.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I am surrounded by counselors. My sister is a counselor. My daughter is training to be a counselor. A lot of my friends are counselors.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I have a problem. I am an intellectual, but at the same time I am not very clever.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Nothing was true for long. In time, everything was deconstructed.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “He was standing very still with his arms folded, staring with poached egg eyes.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “It was three o’clock in the morning. A time when frail people die.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “At four o’clock I had one of those rare moments of happiness that I will remember all my life. I was sitting in front of Grandma’s electric coal fire eating dripping toast and reading the News of the World. There was a good play on Radio Four about torturing in concentration camps. Grandma was asleep and the dog was being quiet. All at once I felt this dead good feeling. Perhaps I am turning religious. I think I have got it in me to be a Saint of some kind.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I couldn’t think of anything to say so I kept quiet. I still can’t think of anything to say so I am going to sleep.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I never imagined when I began writing in the early 1960s I’d become professional and my life would be transformed.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “In my opinion it is essential to get lost in a new city, that way you are forced to walk about and discover places at a proper, natural pace. But you must have the taxi fare home, and it helps if you can remember the name of your hotel.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “As a journey begins with one step, so a crowd begins to collect with one person.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I’ve been a bit worried about my maleness lately, somewhere along the line I seem to have picked up too many female hormones.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Brian kept the photograph inside an Old Bible. He knew it would be safe there. Nobody ever opened it.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “I took my sight and mobility for granted.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Women are mysterious creatures, Dr Bee.”
Sue Townsend Quote: “Your trouble is, you want to be happy all the time. You’re fifty years old – haven’t you realized yet that most of the time most of us just trudge through life? Happy days are few and far between.”
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