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Susan Sarandon Quotes

Susan Sarandon Quote: “When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “It helps me chill out and focus.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I believe in using words, not fists.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “We’ve legalized marijuana recently. Medical marijuana, but the rest will come.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I just want my kids to love who they are, have happy lives and find something they want to do and make peace with that. Your job as a parent is to give your kids not only the instincts and talents to survive, but help them enjoy their lives.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Happiness is the true beauty weapon.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I hate the assumption that once you’re committed to someone you stop treating each other like individuals. I like getting up knowing I am choosing to be with that person.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I’ll always rather be in a ship that’s got a captain that has some vision.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Sometimes what happens is that, when you micromanage actors and moments, it just doesn’t quite live.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I’ve tried them all, I really have, and the only church that truly feeds the soul, day in, day out, is the Church of Baseball.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Everyone has a responsibility towards this larger family of man, but especially if you’re privileged, that increases your responsibility.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Children reinvent your world for you.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Making love is like hitting a baseball. You just gotta relax and concentrate.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I try to live my life every day in the present, and try not to turn a blind eye to injustice and need.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “That’s the thing about independently minded children. You bring them up teaching them to question authority, and you forget that the very first authority they question is you.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “By the time I went to the Catholic University of America, which was the time the priests were all leaving with the nuns, the more I studied about the Bible and how it came about, the more I lost my faith.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Like most parents in the US, they are trying, with a little help from UNICEF, to do the best they can to help their children reach their full potential...”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I don’t think there’s a petty system of heaven and hell. The love of God is much more forgiving. I’m not a believer in a wrathful God at all.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I feel my family’s needs are a priority. I’m not comfortable with the idea of serving the many and ignoring my family.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “At the end of your life, you are going to want to know that you made some kind of difference.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I feel I’ve always been on the outside and always on the edge of an abyss. The women I portray, and the woman I am, are ordinary but maybe find themselves in extra-ordinary circumstances, and what they do is at great cost.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Never root for a team whose uniforms have elastic stretch waistbands.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “The only time I’ve really been away from my kids to do work was doing Shall We Dance because they both were in camp and it was the first time in twenty years that I haven’t been with my kids.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “What I like about The Meddler style of movie is that it’s a fairly lighthearted romantic comedy, but there are hidden moments where something happens that’s unexpected, that hopefully have some kind of emotional resonance that you didn’t see coming. I love when a film does that.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “At a time when everything seems so out of control and the people you’ve elected are bogus and there’s so much random violence and hatred, it fills you with such hope and admiration to even be part for a short time in a community where people have connected to strangers to try to put out a hand.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “If sexuality means saying yes to life, then you should be able to remain sexual until the day you die.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I think it’s very hard to be naked in a scene and not be upstaged by your nipples.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “When my children wake up in the morning they know they will eat breakfast, get hugs from their parents, go to a good, safe school. Plates are full and store windows are glittering. But at the same time the great majority of the world’s children and women stand – no – shiver on the precipice.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “To know that once you decide to look at life outside of the narrow limits of just your world and start to understand that you can make a difference in very simple ways – in volunteering and all the way up to bigger world problems.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “There is no shortcut to grieving.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “With the help of folks like you and me, Heifer International tackles the problem of hunger one family at a time with gifts of renewable resources – farm animals that are ongoing sources of food and income.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Before our kids start coming home from Iraq in body bags and women and children start dying in Baghdad, I need to know, what did Iraq do to us?”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I got married to Chris Sarandon, who was a graduate student, and he knew everything at that point, I thought, because he was older. He introduced me to poetry and black-and-white movies.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “One night I looked down and my rosary beads were glowing. And I realized that I did not want to see the blessed Virgin – I was terrified.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “This is an amazing country, for all of its faults. My feeling is, dig in and let’s try to change the world. Dissent is not only your right, it’s your duty.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “You create this situation where you are so dependent on each other. That’s especially true for film. In theater, the actor has much more say, much more control, for better or worse.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Certainly, if more people were smoking instead of drinking, people don’t get mean on weed, don’t beat up their wives on weed, and don’t drive crazy on weed. They just get hungry, don’t go out of the house, or laugh a lot. I think it would make for a much more gentle world.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “If you always have to be watching yourself and judging, I don’t think you’re as free.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “To each person, their own way of death – with dignity.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “This Catholic thing, I think what it does is it makes a place for mystery in a person. And even when the faith goes away, there’s that space where you crave something bigger than yourself. For me, that’s kind of where art came in, after that.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “When I grew up in the church, we were praying because the Communists were going to come over and hang you upside down on a cross, and I so wanted to be a good person, and I had these rosary beads that I would sleep with every night, and I just wanted the blessed Virgin to be on my side.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “Now, Tim has been really, really busy, and it’s been my job now to kind of deal with everything. And trying to figure out how we balance that, logistically it’s a nightmare. But these little jobs make it much easier.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “When Alan Rickman, a dear friend of mine, played villains, he always made it complicated. He didn’t redeem what they did, but he made you feel that it was hard for them to be so horrible.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “When I tell people I’m a comedian they say, ‘Oh, are you funny?’ I say, ‘No, it’s not that kind of comedy.’”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I always had a problem with original sin; I always had a problem with the exclusivity of the church and a lot of the things that the nuns taught me.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I can’t speak for other people, but for me, it never really worked to think something like, “What Beatle did she like in high school?” or those kinds of elaborate backstories.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “I think sometimes what happens is that all of this feeling out of control manifests itself in trying to control your body; whether it’s an eating disorder or talking about getting your nose fixed, as if that’s going to be the solution to all the pressure.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “There wasn’t space to mood-up. I think Rose Byrne was just extraordinary. Talk about a character that could be really unsympathetic at times. She just jumped in these scenes that go from anger to hysteria to crying to laughing and back to anger. I just marveled.”
Susan Sarandon Quote: “It’s a miracle when something actually turns out well because there are so many ways for it to go wrong.”
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