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Sylvia Browne Quotes

Sylvia Browne Quote: “My master’s degree was in English literature.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I listen to my spirit guide.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Your actions toward others are your bank deposit. It’s easy to be good to nice people, but try to be caring to everyone. It is a test.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Strength is nothing more than enduring life – to be able to survive the heartaches and agonies we go through with our heads held high. Sometimes just walking through adversity to get to the other side is a sign of strength.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “In the course of our eternal existence, we spend infinitely more time in the spirit world on the other side than we spend in the human world on earth.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I know that there is no such thing as death, because our spirit has always been alive and always will be. We are as eternal as God who created us.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “God is Love, my friends- nothing more, nothing less.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Animal totems, like the tiger, come from the Other Side to protect us while we are away from Home.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Plant now the roses of Hope, Love, Promise, God Consciousness, and the Glory of your Soul.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Let me assure you that all of our pets, and animals of every kind will be with us for eternity on the Other Side.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “It’s so sad: anything that has to do with God, people want to dispel.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Psychics can never be 100 percent. I think that would be scary to be 100 percent.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I know that The Other Side, and the spirits who live there, are as real as this earth we live on, and that the only thing separating “her” from “there” is a thinly veiled difference in vibrational frequency.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I can assure you that those who have already passed have not only made it to the Other Side, but are in a state of bliss.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “What have you learned from those times when life was easy?”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Death is the Graduation of the Soul.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “A ghost is someone who hasn’t made it – in other words, who died, and they don’t know they’re dead. So they keep walking around and thinking that you’re inhabiting their – let’s say, their domain. So they’re aggravated with you.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Steve Jobs was Galileo in a past life. Discovery was instinctual for him.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I made the contract with God years ago, that no matter what came through, I would say it, but if I ever hurt someone, I would stop.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Animals are just pure, uncomplicated entities of creation from God. They live like the Maasai do in Kenya-for each day is forever to them and the “Now” is what they live in. You can get aggravated with your pets and yell at them, but in a matter of minutes they are licking your hand again in love.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Everyone dreams, but not everybody remembers their dreams because some people go into delta; they go too low.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Death is the reward for living.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “You know, bad people, I’ve never seen bad people have angels.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “All who have died are equal.” –Comanche Indian proverb.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I keep a night light on because my room is so full at night, I can’t get to sleep!”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Look to what you have around you and be grateful, instead of searching for more. All you take with you when you leave this world is love, friendship, and good deeds.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Live each day as your last, and tomorrow is forever.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.” –Blackfoot Indian proverb.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Both of us were orphans. No one would remember what we remembered. The elders that stood as protective shields, as references to our past, and as reflections of who we were and are and where we came from, were gone.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance – Lakota.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Dreams really tell you about yourself more than anything else in this world could ever tell you.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “A spirit is, like, your mother, my dad, who’ve made it. They can come around, but they come around in a loving way because they’ve already made it to God. Most people make it.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future. –Lumbee.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “It’s abundantly clear that we already have extraterrestrials living among us, and people are stepping forward who can communicate with them.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. –Hopi.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “The more painful it is, tragically, the more you do learn, though, that’s the good part.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “People are afraid to die, and even more afraid to live.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Our first teacher is our own heart-Cheyenne.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “We expect you to spill the milk, but it’s really how you clean it up that matters.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I don’t like tofu. I’d sooner eat a sponge.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave-Dakota Indian proverb.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I’ve always been interested in past lives, because they’re earmarks of what creates us.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Every person who has a reading with me has an audiotape.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “Nature tries to compensate, but is not always successful and thus our planet is now in dire straits and we humans are directly responsible for it.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “I’ve always wanted to put a little solarium on the back of my house. You know. Glass.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “People continue to fear dying, only because no one ever has.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “The Nez Perce say: “Every animal knows more than you do.”
Sylvia Browne Quote: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”
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