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T.D. Jakes Quote: “A father is an image of a young man’s destiny, a living testimony of what time may bring to pass.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “When ideas hang out with influence, income will always emerge.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Sometimes we esteem others more important than ourselves. We always become the martyr. It is wonderful to be self-sacrificing, but watch out for self-disdain! If we don’t apply some of the medicine that we use on others to strengthen ourselves, our patients will be healed and we will be dying.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Destiny will always make someone angry, but better that person be angry with you than for you to be angry with you. I guarantee you will end up an angry person the day you awaken spiritually and realize that you’ve adhered to everyone’s priorities except your own.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “When you live your own dream, you don’t have time to be a hater.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “God’s will is that we, as His people, be separated unto Him for His purpose. As believers, we should endeavor to pursue that sanctification at any cost.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “God will not let your needs and wants go unattended, especially when you desire to be more like Him.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “The people ahead of you, living in the liberty of instinct-guided uniqueness, will welcome you, encourage you, and mentor you. They will inspire you to be a pioneer and not a poser. Only those incarcerated by their unwillingness to listen to their instincts and to take the risks required for success will seek to deter you.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “When you’re in trouble, God will reach into the mess and pull you out.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “The slower journey allows time for maturity and experience to shape you into the person who comfortably fits into your destiny.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “God is quickly fulfilling today all that He has said in the past through His prophets, and is speaking presently through His ministers and servants. We are embarking upon the time of harvest.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “When you don’t become fixated on winning the prize or appearing successful, and instead pursue your passions, then you will discover the fulfillment that comes from living by instinct.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Often after years of deep investment into others we are shocked and disappointed that they simply didn’t get who we really are.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Don’t let fear block God’s destiny for you.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “When you begin to realize that your past does not necessarily dictate the outcome of your future, then you can release the hurt.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “When the Master gives us the vision of what he’s going to do in our lives, He shows us the mountain peaks while He hides the valleys. If you saw the climb you would have to endure to get to the mountaintop, you would abandon the entire trip.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “A church that focuses on the external has lost its passion for souls.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Do you have any idea who you have the capacity to become? If you were not bound by the confines of your mind, who might you become?”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “It is important to remember that for every person, there will be a problem. Even more importantly, for every problem, our God has a prescription!”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Routines without ongoing assessment lead to stagnation and mediocrity.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “We are to work to improve ourselves while at the same time remaining totally dependent on God.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Perhaps looking at the forensics of your past can catapult you forward in a way that merely dreaming can never attain!”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “God lets you go through challenges to give you credibility in a certain area and the ability to help someone else out of a situation that you once were in.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “He wants you to offer hope to those being crushed and struggling to understand.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Your hindrance? Trying to build your dream without the Dreammaker.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Share your dream with people who want you to succeed.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Before you get to the place that is calling you, recognize whom you can talk to about your destiny and whom you can’t. Dream killers will.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Why am I here?” You may have asked the question as you found yourself in the midst of an amazing, divinely orchestrated opportunity, or you may have asked it in reaction to having made the worst mistake of your life.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Unfortunately, many of us often spend our lives doing what we were trained to do. Some do what they were asked to do. And most of us do what others need us to do. And all the while, we wonder why the feeling of fulfillment eludes us.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Could it be that we allow the conditions in our lives to distract us from the meaning of our lives?”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “You Can’t Tell Everybody One of the saddest realities we must face about life is that everybody is not going to be happy when we prosper. People haters can’t stand your dreaming of a better life, despise your happiness, turn their nose up at you because you take extra care in your speech and appearance. They get angry when you find a better job or a new love. They stop speaking to you when you give up negative behaviors.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Our instincts may have even guided us to hide parts of ourselves in order to keep them alive when we were younger.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Can the wounded heal the hurting?”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “The more your dreams evolve into reality, the closer you get to Destiny, the greater target you become for the negative opinions of others. People who don’t even know you may form impressions about who they think you are and what you do. They will critique whether you’re qualified, intelligent, attractive, competent, sophisticated, or savvy enough for whatever you’re doing. They’ll always conclude that you’re not enough and you have no business going after Destiny. You can’t please a hater.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Because we have offered no provision for sons and daughters who fall, many of our Adams and our Eves are hiding in the bushes.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Soon I was to find that people who had been creative at one stage of growth now seemed empty of ideas – and worse, they seemed not to notice that the ground had moved up under their feet! As I grew and encountered higher ideals and new goals, what had once been acceptable now seemed lethargic at best and lethal if ignored. You can’t take everyone with you just because they were with you where you were before.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “If you have been betrayed or wounded by someone you brought too close, please forgive them. They really were a blessing. You will only be better when you cease to be bitter!”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Most people are manipulated by the approval of others, the paycheck that supports them, and the lifestyle that has handcuffed them to the brass ring of perceived success. On this path we eventually live like slaves to a man-made system. We chase the goals of others instead of pursuing our own dreams. We anesthetize our despair with the next purchase, pill, or plunder.”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Have you ever been guilty of having a condescending attitude about another person’s weakness? How can we dare to think we can access the soul-cleansing blood that delivers us from the cesspool of our secret sins, and then look down on another member of Christ’s Body in disdain?”
T.D. Jakes Quote: “Instincts under pressure crush the carbon of conformity and create diamonds.”
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