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Top 120 T.F. Hodge Quotes (2024 Update)
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T.F. Hodge Quote: “The conquered roam free in the box of insanity.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “The ego lusts for satisfaction. It has a prideful ferocious appetite for its version of “truth”. It is the most challenging aspect to conquer; the cause for most spiritual turmoil.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Circumstance points to deeper meaning.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “If our sense of self, our values and our ideals, do not originate from within – but are instead largely influenced, shaped or fashioned by celebrated characters – we fall under the spells of idol worship without realizing we have ‘souled out’.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “More than just someone to lay down with, is a spirit to pray up with.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Those who do not succeed do not believe in their ability to exercise the potential power to forge beyond perceptions of limitations.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “The seer does not see, by choice, what the blind can see by default... from within.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Love has wings, not anchors.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “There is bound to be turbulence in the clouds of confusion before one can view the friendly skies, and an illuminated landing strip.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “The vision teller tells the vision to unguarded minds’ of prey. The programmed.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Drama don’t arrive by surprise; it is summoned, undisguised.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “I’m not cruisin’ this opportunity in time and space for you to like or dislike my ‘get-down’; I’m here ‘cause I’m down to get it right by the time I return to the ‘mothaship’. I remain a work in progress.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Never let haters ‘still’ your flow. They can only do so with your permission.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Don’t kill the game with your ‘funk’, elevate it with your humility.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “One owes loyalty, only, to those who demonstrate in kind.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Who dare tries is a success, and shall master the art of conquering dreams.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Obstacles are opportunities waiting to be conquered. Get real with it.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Regarding beliefs and belief systems: We argue what and how we feel, rather than what we – actually – know or assume to be facts or factual evidence. Thus, it is justifiably prudent to challenge that which has been adopted or enforced by tradition. If such examination is discouraged by fearful tactics – we must not shy away from soulful searching.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “We can’t make up for lost time, but we can make room to share space.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “A genius masters the art of observation, and unites with the source of imagination to create advancements in the cause for human evolution.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “If one abuses or neglects internal powers, external forces will act accordingly.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Drama don’t arrive by surprise; it is subconsciously attracted to fertile grounds.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “To their own demise, most attended the party and still remain. Time wasters and space takers.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “That sassy low classy, but dress real cheap-fly-n-fancy, with a chip on her shoulder – she’s just a bitterly wounded dove, wanting to be sieged by love.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Rumors run wild when one sacrifices for self and temporarily forsakes those who assume entitlement to one’s persona.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “In an honest effort to gain understanding, asking questions do not, necessarily, imply a conclusion has been determined. They can be used to avoid making the wrong judgement. If building trust is the ultimate goal – there is no need to be defensive, or feel threatened by any inquiry.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “It’s all talk til it’s all real walk.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “During moments of strife and ‘dis-ease’, check your flow and redirect your focus to that which is naturally good.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Warriors don’t get weary, troops do.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “The ‘magic’ is the known and unknown quiet, spiritual, invisible thread which links and reveals harmonic elements to a universe of high vibrational sensory. And our beloved Bro. Maurice David knew it’s undeniable creative power, from within.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Enlightened ones do not fight fire with fire; they realize they are it’s fuel.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “You carry the message you’ve been seeking, but realization of it is found in healthy retrospection, not among the wilderness of chaotic noise.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “One who rules is ruled.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “When you’re a light instead of a dim switch, your brightness radiates in every direction.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Building on a bond is bankable. Building on bitterness is bankrupt.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Self Hate: The deadliest ‘dis-ease’ experienced by wounded souls.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Fame for the lames, fortune for the brains.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Love making is much more than physical expression, it is a soulful dance of sensual wonder and euphoric amazement.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Naysayers are frightened by their own power.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Dream on it, think on it, ink on it, speak on it... then proceed to bring on it. Fulfillment is ordered to find you. Shine time!”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “If soul does not evolve it is dead... even if its body still breathes.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Only nurture a broken heart that recognizes it, and is willing to put in the work of minding.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “You do not get what you wish for, unless it be known to the source of your desire.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “My People: Prepared and never scared, fueled by faith in a sea of despair – we rise and we shine, ‘cause it’s like that’!”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Live what you be, not what you see.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “There is no way to counterfeit courage; we either have it or we do not.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “Follow your heart, not the latest headlines.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “It’s futile to point the finger of condemnation and say, “Men... this” or “Women... that”. Truth is, we are all guilty and innocent of many of life’s trials.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “The solution to self-pity is found in the labor of selfless giving to others.”
T.F. Hodge Quote: “The artist speaks with inspiring tools of creativity. Thinkers challenge with the weapons of choice. These two forces are necessary to move souls beyond limitation.”
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