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T. Greenwood Quotes

T. Greenwood Quote: “And just like that, it’s over.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “Memory is the same as water. It is a still lake bathed in moonlight, a vast ocean, a violent river ready to carry you away. It can calm you or it can harm you; it is both more powerful and weaker than you’d think. It is a paradox.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “The Chinese philosopher Mencius believed that man is innately good. He argued that anyone who saw a child falling into a well would immediately feel shock and alarm, and that this impulse, this universal capacity for commiseration, was proof positive that man is inherently good.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “People say we are defined by the choices that we make;.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “When you have suffered betrayal by the universe, a betrayal by a man is not only unsurprising but expected.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “I feel my skin growing warm. But it isn’t the fact that Gussy told Effie about Eva, about everything that happened, but rather that someone would see beauty in the story. The idea that someone could hear about what happened all those years ago and not be disgusted, horrified, by all the tragedies that followed, that someone could find a sliver of the goodness, the beauty, I cling to is almost more than I can handle.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “It is too easy lately to drink too much. To love the warm way it numbs. And I feel Jake watching me; he’s counting my drinks too.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “It didn’t matter where they went, the stars followed. A map of the universe spread out before them.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “Don’t you hate waking up after the day’s already started?” Jake usually asks, like it’s a race. As though by the time I roll out of bed I’m already lagging behind everyone else, as if I’ll never be able to catch my stride.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “How could it be, how was it possible, when she felt like she was so far away, that the sky was the same?”
T. Greenwood Quote: “We lived among people whose poverty could be seen in the length of their faces, in their tired speech and in the heaviness of their eyes.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “Hope is really just desire disguised, just desperation, aching, dressed up like a prayer.”
T. Greenwood Quote: “And I think about how I used to be the one who fixed things. How I used to be the strong one. When did this happen to me? What have I become? Effie.”
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