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Top 15 T. Rafael Cimino Quotes (2023 Update)

T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “We are all born to love people and use things. Unfortunately, we grow to love things and use people...”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “The greatest threats to Democracy are comfort and apathy.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “It’s not how fast you go but how far you go fast.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much you keep.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “When the media enjoy such excessive profits from this mass hysteria, what incentive do they have to restrain it?”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “When your wife asks you for your opinion, she doesn’t really want your opinion. She wants her opinion – just in a deeper voice.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “Knowing what to do is one thing. Knowing you’re the one who’s going to do it is something else entirely.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “Long after people forget what you said or did, they’ll remember how you made them feel.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “The loudest voices for immigration reform are required to have names like ‘Running Bull’ or ‘Brave Eagle.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “We shouldn’t evaluate our leaders by how many hats they can wear on their heads... We must judge them by the amount of shoes they’ve worn on their feet.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “Before the constitution can protect the people it must first protect the person.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “Darwin is my copilot.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “There are roughly 1,200 dogs trained to detect bombs and bomb making materials in the US – and over 40,000 trained to detect marijuana. Some of the bomb-dogs are also cross trained as drug-dogs which accounts for their ability to sleep well at night.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “You can’t get on Facebook and complain about the NSA’s data mining operation – On Facebook – the most invasive, privacy harmful institution on the planet. It’s like whining about a paper cut while swimming in a shark tank.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “If there were more “Planned Parenthoods,” there’d be fewer abortions.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “The audience may forget a plot, the witty dialog or the special effects but they’ll always remember how a film made them feel.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “A portion of the electorate will always levitate toward the scratch and sniff candidate, granting them superficial appeasement without any substance.”
T. Rafael Cimino Quote: “In every situation, there’s never a shortage of people who will covertly promote their own best interest... with diligence.”
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