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T.S. Joyce Quotes

T.S. Joyce Quote: “Remember... people can be nice. Don’t let them break you. Don’t let them make you bitter. Don’t let them make you forget that people can be good.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “BEASTON: Strong women don’t do well in cages.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “A weak man was intimidated by a strong woman.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “This moment right here, standing in front of 1010, nestled in the mountains that called to her heart, safe and warm and whole in the arms of the man she adored, she, Annalise, Almost Alpha of the Red Havoc Crew, had found the life she wanted.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “He made an angry clicking sound behind his teeth. “You already broke my leg.” And he had the permanent limp to prove it. Willa’s eyebrows wrenched upward. “You have two legs. I can play that game twice.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “WINTER: Because I guess I like the idea that maybe someday I can find my place, you know? My niche. Somewhere people will keep me.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Broken was what happened when they went through something hard and stopped living. Broken was what happened when a person started running and never looked back. She’d.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “ANSON: I’ll work on making it enough. And I’ll work at being enough. For you.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Two black-marked dragons heading up a crew? They would only attract the broken.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “He’d filled the dark corners of her life with light and gave her the strength to chase away her demons. He’d shown her how strong she could be and loved her despite all of her faults. He’d stood quietly by, proudly watching her as, little by little, she found herself.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “He strode toward the bathroom door, but Vera launched herself at him like a flying squirrel coasting to another tree.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “More than once, his gaze drank in her red flannel pajamas, and she wished there was such a thing as sexy warm sleepwear. The giant pretzel had been invented so really, the science should be there.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “I wish you could see you through my eyes right now.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Take care of her? She isn’t Snow White, and we aren’t the seven dwarves. She.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “This life requires scars. Some are more obvious than others, and some are only on the inside. What matters is how you spend your time during the good parts.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Okay, that we’re going to have to work on. Don’t touch any of my livestock with those fingers of death.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “A week ago, if someone had told her she’d be sitting in a hillbilly hot tub with a bunch of sexy, shirtless lumberjacks, chucking darts at one of her paintings and smiling harder than she had in months, she would’ve told them they were crazy. And.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Hope was a hummingbird. Tiny in size and fragile by nature. Beautiful.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “What’s the point of living until old age if you forget to live on your way there?”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “I’m hungry, so hurry and do hot mechanic stuff. I’ll wait here and watch you. In a completely non-creepy way, of course. But maybe pour a bottle of water over yourself before you change the tire. Momma needs to take pictures.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Being with someone and still feeling completely alone was the worst feeling in the world.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Oh, she felt like dirt. Less than dirt. She felt like the bacteria on the dirt that earthworms ate and then pooped out. Here.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Haydan spun her to face him and grabbed her shoulders in a painful grip. “There’s that claiming mark you wanted so badly, Cas. You’re mine now. Chest out, chin up, princess. Detox starts now.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “You. Are. Enough.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “The parts of our lives that take the most work are the most worth it.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Aaron flicked his fingers at her. “Eyes, lips, tits, soft skin, hair, vanilla scent, ass, tits again, then your scar. You telling me about it won’t change the order. Your eyes have me first regardless.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Sure, he was a too-honest-for-his-own-good kidnapper, but he probably treated Brooke like a queen.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Apparently, she was supposed to disappear into the ground like she was freaking Alice, and this was mother-freaking Wonderland.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Everyone’s been through a lot, Harrison. Life is hard, and sometimes it sucks, but you were the one who told me it was admirable that I saw a life I wanted and went after it.” She tucked a flyaway lock of hair behind her ear and softened her voice. “Go after the life you want.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Out of all the people on Earth, he wanted to murder her the least.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “That’s what love was supposed to be – not some power struggle. It was both people pushing the other to be better. To be stronger.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Mason groaned. “Clinton, you’re so dumb it gives me a headache. You heard Cora. She said keep Damon from eating people, not feed people to him.” “Who.”
T.S. Joyce Quote: “Her timing sucked. She was pretty sure the Fates were smoking joints and sitting around laughing at their crystal ball.”
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