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Tadeusz Konwicki Quotes

Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “Character has outlived its day. In ancient, primitive times, when biologically weak man struggled against omnipotent nature, character was useful, beneficial; with hideous labor it shoved the heavy stone of human impotence forward. We learned to praise ourselves, to admire character, to prostrate ourselves before it, make a fetish of it. But today no one has the courage to discredit character, although, psychologically speaking, it is now a throwback, simply reactionary.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “Dreams are debris from bad day. Dreams are poems by bad poets that never got written.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “The world can’t die. Many generations have thought the world was dying. But it was only their world which was dying.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “Yes, I am confusing literature with life. I’m declaring my own ordinary life to be a work of literature.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “Character is a lack of doubt, character is stubbornly persevering in an intention no matter how senseless it is, character is a lack of imagination, character is inborn dullness, character is the misfortune of humanity.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “There are no good or evil people. There is only a great, unfathomable mob trampling itself underfoot. The life-giving sources of the old morality have dried up and vanished in the sands of oblivion. There’s no other source to draw from, no place to refresh oneself. There is no example, no inspiration. It is night. A night of indifference, apathy, chaos.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “She smelled like water that had been warmed by the sun, and she also had the sharp, enticing aroma of birch leaves.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “In today’s ambiguous world, character means despotism, tyranny, absolute intolerance. At last it is time to admire a lack of character, inner weakness. Our epoch is that of noble doubts, blessed uncertainty, sacred hypersensitivity, divine wishy-washiness.”
Tadeusz Konwicki Quote: “The worse things are, the more they play philosopher. The more obvious the nonsense, the profounder their thoughts. The more lawlessness there is, the more laws. The more widespread the chaos, the more insistent their love of symmetry.”
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