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Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Find me a cure for these tears, I’d really like to exhale for the first time in my life.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’m nineteen years old,” he clarifies. “I’m a fairly impressive specimen for my age, I know.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Ocean had given me hope. He’d made me believe in people again. His sincerity had rubbed me raw, had peeled back the stubborn layers of anger I’d lived in for so long. Ocean made me want to give the world a second chance.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “It’s like there are a million screams caught inside of my chest but I have to keep them all in because what’s the point of screaming if you’ll never be heard and no one will ever hear me in her. No one will ever hear me again.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “His eyes are the perfect shade of cobalt, blue like a blossoming bruise, clear and deep and decided.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Words are like seeds, I think, planted into our hearts at a tender age. They take root in us as we grow, settling deep into our souls.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures. No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Just because I’m going to hell doesn’t mean you’ll ever deserve her.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “My eyes break open. Two shattered windows filling my mouth with glass.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “So you’re exactly like a Venus flytrap. You reel ‘em in. Clamp ‘em down. Eat ‘em up.” I didn’t respond. “Mmmmm,” he said. “You’re like a sexy super scary plant.” I close my eyes. Covered my mouth in horror. “Why is that so wrong?” he said then bent down to meet my gaze. Tugged on a lock of my hair to get me to look up. “Why does this have to be so horrible? Why can’t you see how awesome this is?”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “My eyes open to 2 eyes 2 lips 2 ears 2 eyebrows. I stifle my scream my urgency to run the crippling horror gripping my limbs. “You’re a b-b-b-b – ”“And you’re a girl.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “If you hide your heart, he will never be able to take it from you.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I understood too well what it was like to feel like you were defined by one superficial thing- to feel like you would never excape the box people had put you in.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I looked out at the world around me and no longer saw nuance. I saw nothing but the potential for pain and the subsequent need to protect myself, constantly.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Hanging out with you has made me weird, J. All I do is sit around thinking about my feelings these days. Thanks for that.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Truth is a jealous, vicious mistress that never ever sleeps, is what I don’t tell him.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Juliette.” I close my eyes. He says, “I don’t want you to call me Warner anymore.” I open my eyes. “I want you to know me,” he says, breathless, his fingers pushing a stray strand of hair away from my face. “I don’t want to be Warner with you,” he says. “I want it to be different now. I want you to call me Aaron.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “The sun is an arrogant thing, always leaving the world behind when it tires of us. The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Kenji is a walking paradox of Unflinchingly Serious Person and 12-Year-Old Boy Going Through Puberty all rolled into one.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Very well then, Ms. Ferrars. Good luck, and godspeed. Our world is in your hands.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Sometimes a book isn’t a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. Sometimes it’s the only story you knew how to tell.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “His skin is flawless, unblemished, his jawline sharp and strong. His eyes are the palest shade of emerald I’ve ever seen. He’s beautiful. His crooked smile is calculated evil.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Hate looks just like everybody else until it smiles. Until it spins around and lies with lips and teeth carved into the semblance of something too passive to punch.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “It is only in the desperate seconds before death that we realize the windows against which we broke our bodies were only mirrors, all along.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I promise myself then, in that moment, that I will hold him forever, just like this, until all the pain and torture and suffering is gone, until he’s given a chance to live the kind of life where no one can wound him this deeply ever again.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I don’t think you’re crazy,” I say. “And I don’t think you’re a psychopath. I don’t think you’re a heartless murderer. I don’t care what anyone else says about you. I think you’re a good person.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “The world tried to crush you,” I say, gently now, “and you refused to be shattered.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “And even when you’re ready to let go. When you’re ready to break free. When you’re ready to be brand-new. Loneliness is an old friend standing beside you in the mirror, looking you in the eye, challenging you to live your life without it. You can’t find the words to fight yourself, to fight the words screaming that you’re not enough never enough never ever enough. Loneliness is a bitter, wretched companion. Sometimes.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I only know now that the scientists are wrong. The world is flat. I know because I was tossed right off the edge and I’ve been trying to hold on for 17 years. I’ve been trying to climb back up for 17 years but it’s nearly impossible to beat gravity when no one is willing to give you a hand.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Death would be a welcome release from these earthly joys I’ve known.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “My body is a carnivorous flower, a poisonous houseplant, a loaded gun with a million triggers and he’s more than ready to fire.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Sometimes I think the loneliness inside of me is going to explode through my skin and sometimes I’m not sure if crying or screaming or laughing through the hysteria will solve anything at all. Sometimes I’m so desperate to touch, to be touched, to feel, that I’m almost certain I’m going to fall off a cliff in an alternate universe where no one will ever be able to find me.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I didn’t want to be draped in silk. All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart. I saw the world and its lack of compassion, its harsh, grating judgement, and its cold, resentful eyes. I saw it all around me.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Happiness does not happen. Happiness must be uncovered, separated from the skin of pain. It must be claimed. Kept close. Protected.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “He reminds me of someone I used to know. One sharp breath and I’m shocked back to reality. No more daydreams. “Why are you here?” I ask the cracks in the concrete wall. 14 cracks in 4 walls a thousand shades of gray.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “You’re my bird,” I tell him. “You’re my bird and you’re going to help me fly away.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “We have lost our humanity.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’m having a panic attack, you inconsiderate ass.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I mean, I wasn’t fine. I would be fine. But I wasn’t there yet.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I don’t have the time, the energy, or the interest to deal with your problems.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “But how?” she says, her voice breaking on the word. “How do I get them out of my head?” “Set them on fire.” Her eyes go wide. “In your mind,” I say, attempting a smile. “Let them fuel the fire that keeps you striving.” I reach out, touch my fingers to her cheek. “Idiots are highly flammable, love. Let them all burn in hell.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I cannot let the broken girl inside of me inhale all that I’ve become. I cannot revert back to another version of myself. I will not shatter, not again, in the wake of an emotional earthquake.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I am not dramatic, okay? My presence just commands a certain kind of attention-.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “My eyes are filling fast with tears and I blink and blink. Our eyes blur the truth when we can’t bear to see it.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’m lonely but I’m not alone. My body works, my brain works, I’m alive. It’s a good life. I have to make a conscious effort to remember that. To choose to be happy every day. If I didn’t, I think my own pain would’ve killed me a long time ago.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “His eyes are two buckets of rainwater: deep, fresh, clear. Hurt.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I have a great fear of drowning in the ocean of my own silence.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Twice. Once for Adam. Once for Warner.”
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