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Tahereh Mafi Quote: “My dreams are bloody and bleeding and blood is bleeding all over my mind and I can’t sleep anymore.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’m so thirsty I could inhale a waterfall.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Every day we feel further apart. And sometimes I think the harder I try to hold on, the more she tries to break away.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Beautiful enough to lure in prey, he said. Strong enough to clamp down and destroy, he said.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I was tired of focusing on my anger. I was tired of focusing only on my memories of terrible people and the terrible things they’d said and done to me. I was tired of it. The darkness took up too much valuable real estate in my head.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I felt blind and deaf at the same time, like i was moving through a fog, and i realized then- as i realizd everytime something like this happened- that i was never as strong as i hope to be.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I wanted to ask her so many questions but I didn’t because we don’t talk to people anymore because saying something would be stranger than saying nothing to a stranger.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “And the stitches in my heart begin to pop. One by one.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Words are like seeds, I think, planted into our hearts at a tender age.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Grieve nothing in this transitory world.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’m beginning to think of hope as a dangerous, terrifying thing.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Everything I want to say and everything I’ve wished to say begins to take shape, falling to the floor and scrambling upright. Paragraphs and paragraphs begin building walls around me, blocking and justifying as they find ways to fit together, linking and weaving and leaving no room for escape. And every single space between every unspoken word clambers up and into my open mouth, down my throat and into my chest, filling me with so much emptiness I think I might just float away.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I am a whisper that never was.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Friendship is not a thing I have ever experienced. Not as a child, and not as I am now.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “The darkness is like a black canvas punctured by a blunt knife, with beams of light peeking through.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “These are my soldiers. Standing single-file line in their assembly uniforms. Black shirts, black pants, black boots. No guns. Left fist pressed against their hearts.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I don’t consider myself a moral man. I do not philosophize about life or bother with laws and principles that govern most people. I do not pretend to know the difference between right and wrong. But I do live by a certain kind of code. And somethimes, I think, you have how to shoot first.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “That’s how I knew, for example, that Private Seamus Fletcher, 45B-76423, was beating his wife and children every night.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Everything seems to be catching up with me at once. My failures. My cowardice. My stupidity. Sometimes I’m just so tired of this life.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “We don’t have to do anything at all to die. We can hide in a cupboard under the stairs our whole life and it’ll still find us.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “We were killing ourselves by trying to stay alive. The weather, the plants, the animals, and our human survival are all inextricably linked. The natural elements were at war with one another because we abused our ecosystem. Abused our atmosphere. Abused our animals. Abused our fellow man.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Ramadan was over. We celebrated, we exchanged gifts, and Navid devoured the contents of our entire kitchen.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I need air. I need a new brain. I need to jump out a window and catch a ride with a dragon to a world far from here.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I could live here, I think. Live where gravity does not know my name. Here I am unbound, untethered by the chains of this life. I am a different body, a different shell, and my weight is carried by the hands of friends. So many nights I’ve wished I could fall asleep under this sheet.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I forget, sometimes, that there are people out there who still manage to smile everyday, despite everything.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “But time is beyond our finite comprehension. It’s endless, it exists outside of us; we cannot run out of it or lose track of it or find a way to hold on to it. Time goes on even when we do not.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’d rather be shot dead screaming for justice than die alone in a prison of my own making.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight. I feel off, unbalanced. Aching for something. I’m losing sight of my purpose, my sense of direction. I always tell myself that I’m fighting every day for hope, for the salvation of humanity, but every time I survive only to return to yet more loss and devastation, something comes loose inside of me. It’s like the people and places I love are the nuts and bolts keeping me upright; without them, I’m just scrap metal.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I feel so shy so suddenly. So blind, so unnecessarily bold.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Alice jumped from flagstone to flagstone, her face caught in the rainlight glow, her hand grasping for a touch of gold. The towns excitement was contagious, and the air was so thick with promise Alice could almost bite into it.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “The darkness is choking me.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Who says you can’t be cute and kick ass at the same time?” Kenji winks at me. “I do it every day.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “We were killing ourselves by trying to stay alive.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “It’s not the pain that’s unendurable. It’s the hopelessness. It’s the hopelessness that makes you reckless.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I study every quivering branch, every imposing soldier, every window I can count. My eyes are two professional pickpockets, stealing everything to store away in my mind.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “In my very limited experience I’ve already found that people seeking power are not to be trusted.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “He takes my hand. Intertwines our fingers. Offers me a smile that manages to kiss my heart.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Realization is ice-cold water and it’s dripping down my back.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I have a pretty spectacular face.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I want her clothes off and the lights on and I want to study her. I want to unzip her out of this dress and take my time with every inch of her. I can’t help my need to just stare; to know her and her features: the slope of her nose, the curve of her lips, the line of her jaw. I want to run my fingertips across the soft skin of her neck and trace it all the way down. I want to feel the weight of her pressed against me, wrapped around me.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “In just two days, one girl has managed to cripple me.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’ve always know who should be leading this resistance. Someone who’s got nothing left to lose and everything to gain. Someone no longer afraid of anyone? Should be me.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “Kill because they’re bad, and we’re good. Kill because we tell you to. Because some people are so stupid that they actually think there are thick neon lines separating good and evil.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I’ve searched the world for all the right words and my mouth is full of nothing.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “We were two sad people stuck together.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “I imagine this is what it feels like to fall apart.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “No one is ever close enough. I suck in my breath and wait for him to walk away like everyone else in my life. I want to smash this concrete world into oblivion. I want to be bigger, better, stronger. I want to be angry angry angry.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “And some days I wonder why I insist on keeping myself alive.”
Tahereh Mafi Quote: “The possibility of losing him is 100 years of solitude I don’t want to imagine.”
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