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Takashi Hiraide Quotes

Takashi Hiraide Quote: “Observation is at its core an expression of love which doesn’t get caught up in sentiment.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “The word “to grieve” or “lament” in Japanese is actually made up of two different kanji characters – “sadness” and “resentment.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “For me, Chibi is a friend with whom I share an understanding, and who just happens to have taken on the form of a cat.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “The noble-minded do not thrust others aside in order to make their way in the world. But then they themselves are ultimately thrust aside by the advancing tide.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “Chibi was a jewel of a cat.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “The act of writing also crosses borders indiscriminately.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “There’s a photographer who says cat lovers always believe their own cat is better looking than anyone else’s. According to her, they’ve all got blinders on.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “Looking back on it now, I’d say one’s thirties are a cruel age. At this point, I think of them as a time I whiled away unaware of the tide that can suddenly pull you out, beyond the shallows, into the sea of hardship, and even death.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “By late autumn the yard would grow thick with fallen leaves, causing the landlady to heave many deep sighs.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “Then she told me about a philosopher who said that observation is at its core an expression of love which doesn’t get caught up in sentiment.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “My wife gazed back. Then she thought of how they would soon have to part, and all the conflicted feelings came rushing in. “After all, she isn’t really ours... But maybe I wish she really were... “. Chibi stared intently with her deep green eyes at the clear liquid flowing from my wife’s eyes and rolling down her cheeks – these human things called tears.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “I wonder where it all comes from – this need to go to the place where the body has been laid to rest. It’s the need to reconfirm how precious someone was and how irreplaceable, and the desire to reconnect with them on a different plane.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “All I want is to know what happened – I want to somehow grasp every detail of the events of that day, that one day like a tiny dewdrop... but now it’s all engulfed in the profound darkness of time.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “Chibi stava entrando piano piano nella nostra vita come un rivolo d’acqua che penetri inosservato dalla finestra lasciata socchiusa, e si spanda scivolando su un’impercettibile pendenza, imbevendola.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “The cat’s manner of rejection was like cold, white light.”
Takashi Hiraide Quote: “There are a few cat lovers among my close friends, and I have to admit that there have been moments when that look of excessive sweet affection oozing from around their eyes has left me feeling absolutely disgusted. Having devoted themselves to cats, body and soul, they seem at times utterly indifferent to shame.”
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