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Takuan Soho Quotes

Takuan Soho Quote: “Sever the edge between before and after.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “Zen is to have the heart and soul of a little child.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “One is not likely to achieve understanding from the explanation of another.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “One does not divine this by impressions or knowledge. What this means is that no matter how much you try to figure or calculate by means of impressions or knowledge, it will not prove the least bit useful. Therefore, separate yourself from the discrimination of figuring things out.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “It is the very mind itself that leads the mind astray – of the mind, do not be mindless.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “When this No-Mind has been well developed, the mind does not stop with one thing nor does it lack any one thing. It appears appropriately when facing a time of need.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “If you follow the present-day world, you will turn your back on the Way; if you would not turn your back on the Way, do not follow the world.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “If the mind congeals in one place and remains with one thing, it is like frozen water and is unable to be used freely: ice that can wash neither hands nor feet. When the mind is melted and is used like water, extending throughout the body, it can be sent wherever one wants to send it.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “The Buddha and all sentient beings are not two.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “When one practices discipline and moves from the beginner’s territory to immovable wisdom, one makes a return and falls back to the level of the beginner.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “Although it does not mindfully keep guard, In the small mountain fields the scarecrow does not stand in vain.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “One may explain water, but the mouth will not become wet. One may expound fully on the nature of fire, but the mouth will not become hot.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “When facing a single tree, if you look at a single one of its red leaves, you will not see all the others. When the eye is not set on one leaf, and you face the tree with nothing at all in mind, any number of leaves are visible to the eye without limit. But if a single leaf holds the eye, it will be as if the remaining leaves were not there.”
Takuan Soho Quote: “If you would know a man’s good and evil points, you should know the underlings and retainers he loves and employs, and the friends with whom he mixes intimately. If the lord is not correct, none of his friends and retainers will be correct.”
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