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Top 10 Talal Asad Quotes (2024 Update)

Talal Asad Quote: “Why is it that aggression in the name of God shocks secular liberal sensibilities, whereas the act of killing in the name of the secular nation, or of democracy, does not?”
Talal Asad Quote: “I do not criticize religion as such, but I criticize the concept and the definition of “religion” – as I said in Genealogies.”
Talal Asad Quote: “I think the approach to Islam as a tradition is helpful. Tradition helps us to focus on questions about authority and temporality, and about the language used in relation to the two.”
Talal Asad Quote: “Tradition is not something a man can learn; not a thread he picks up when he feels like it; any more than a man can choose his own ancestors. Someone lacking a tradition who would like to have one is like a man unhappily in love.”
Talal Asad Quote: “Tradition is an aspiration to connect the Self with the Other. One “internalizes” the Other as one acquires a sense of what one’s own tradition is, what one belongs to and what gives valid shape to one’s life.”
Talal Asad Quote: “The concept of the secular cannot do without the idea of religion.”
Talal Asad Quote: “To behave “humanely” it is perfectly possible to do without the notion of “humanity.””
Talal Asad Quote: “Language has multiple uses, and is embedded in different forms of life. It is not necessary to have this grand concept of “humanity” in order to behave decently.”
Talal Asad Quote: “It seems to me perfectly possible to act humanely towards other beings, whether humans or animals or plants. One simply has to learn how to behave. To behave “humanely” it is perfectly possible to do without the notion of “humanity.””
Talal Asad Quote: “You should never employ your intellect but only that it is not essential to exercise it in order to live a humane life. Language permeates all of life, of course, and one’s mind is essential to it, but that does not mean intellectuality should transcend all of life.”
Talal Asad Quote: “The propensity to intellectualize is itself both essential and dangerous. I think in our modern world we are much more aware of its essential character than of its dangers, and that is why I think of it as being an expression of transcendence.”
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