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Top 10 Tama Janowitz Quotes (2022 Update)

Tama Janowitz Quote: “I was like a social worker for lepers. My clients had a chunk of their body they wanted to give away; for a price I was there to receive it.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “I felt my whole life was a facsimile of a life.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “Long after the bomb falls and you and your good deeds are gone, cockroaches will still be here, prowling the streets like armored cars.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “Brownstein’s is a fresh and jaunty voice, with a jazz snap all his own.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “On bad days, I think I’d like to be a plastic surgeon who goes to Third World countries and operates on children in villages with airlifts, and then I think, ‘Yeah, right, I’m going to go back to undergraduate school and take all the biology I missed and then go to medical school.’ No. No.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “I feel like I sort of missed the eighties. At the time, we didn’t know we were having fun, which is probably the way it always is.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “As a writer, I don’t think it’s my responsibility to make a point. I just write and hope there’s someone who’ll like it.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “Never Mind Nirvana is the first novel I’ve read that makes music as important as food, clothing romance – a fresh twist millions will be able to identify with – and the music of Lindquist’s language is a perfect match for the subject. I think he’s the writer to watch in the new millennium.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “I don’t want my novel to be like Madame Bovary, finely crafted with the life edited out of it. I want my novel to be like a friend telling me a story – so we go off on thoughts; that’s the way it is.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “With publicity comes humiliation.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “Crimes, sins, nightmares, hunks of hair: it was surprising how many of them has something to dispose of. The more I charged, the easier it was for them to breathe freely once more.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “Every book I write, the media just keeps punching me in the face.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “I think the sixties must have been quite a lot of fun.”
Tama Janowitz Quote: “Whether I’m critically well received, whether or not I sell books – of course it becomes progressively harder to get them published – nevertheless, it’s what I do, every day.”
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