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Tammy Falkner Quotes

Tammy Falkner Quote: “But even more than I want to lick you all over and make you cry out my name and swear you see God, I want you to trust me. And you don’t. Not yet. But you might one day.” I’m breathing so hard I feel like I just ran a mile. “I trust you,” I say. He shakes his head. “No, you don’t.” He smiles at me, and my heart flips over. “But you might one day.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “Don’t be afraid to let him love you, Sky,” she says quietly. “I was afraid to let your dad love me. I didn’t think I deserved it, after the things I did when I was drinking. So I shut him out. Let Matthew in. Let him love you. Take it all in and let it seep into your bones. Don’t let it go. If he breaks your heart, at least you’ll know you still have one. Don’t die inside, like me. Let love in. Let it surround you and keep you on your feet when you can’t go anymore. Let. Love. In.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “Logan turns to Emily. She’s actually holding it together a lot better than the men in the room. I blow my nose into a tissue as he tells her, “Talk to me, Em. Say something.” She reaches out and cups the side of his face. “Oh, Logan,” she says. And a tear finally falls over her lashes and down her cheek. “I love you so much.” “I love you too,” he says back. And finally, he drops his head into his hands and cries. Paul.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “I think I’m in like,” I admit softly.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “You’re not easy to love, because you can’t love me back. But you might one day. I’ll wait.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “Every woman is someone’s daughter. Someone at home loves her. And you devalue her and every other female by referring to women as bitches and hos.” I’m from the neighborhood. I could spout off a lot coarser words than they could probably imagine. But they get the idea. “The girl you’re with is someone’s daughter. You have to remember that when you treat a woman poorly.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “I’m so used to having her at my side already, I’m not sure I’ll survive it at this point if she leaves me. I’m hopeful that she’ll be ready for what I want soon. Because I want all of her. I want her past, her present, and her future. I want to ask her to marry me, but I can’t. Not yet.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “The Reeds take people in like they’re family. Anyone. The only requirement is that you have a pulse. And if you don’t have a heart, they’ll give you theirs.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “Hayley, what are you doing?” He scratches his stomach. His hair is a mess, sticking out all over the place. She pats my cheek. “I wearning signing with Logan’s girl,” she says. I like that. I like it a lot.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “The first thing you have to remember is that you can’t fight with a woman unless what you’re fighting about is worth it. You just can’t. You won’t win. Never. Ever.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “I push the thoughts of her to the side, because she belongs behind a door labeled Happiness, and that door has been firmly locked to me my whole life. I’ve never been given the key, and I doubt I ever will.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “I like people who don’t see the chair. So I’d be okay with that.” “I think it’s okay to see our differences. And even appreciate them. But not to judge people based on them.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “Logan stops to figure out noises as we go, and it’s like watching him experience it all for the first time. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “He squeezes my hand. “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you, cupcake,” he says. “I just wish you could love me back.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “God, he’s so handsome when he smiles. And when he’s not smiling. And when he’s sleeping. And when he’s awake. And when he’s breathing.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “What happened?” Logan asks. He’s signing while he speaks. “I had a date to snuggle with your girl on the couch, and we were going to watch a movie,” Matt says. “Next thing I know, she has my head in her lap, instead.” He looks over at me, an impish twinkle in his eye. “If you wanted to hold me, Kit, you could have just asked.” He chuckles. “You remember?” I ask. He grins this unrepentant grin. “I’ll never, ever forget the day you threw Logan over to hold me in your arms.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “Normal is just a setting on the dryer, Star.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “When a woman grows up, she accepts the love she thinks she deserves.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “I hug her to me, never wanting to let her go. She’s a part of us now. All of us. And she’s mine.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “You stole the covers,” she says. She has morning breath, and I’ve never wanted to kiss someone so bad in my life. “Why are you in my arms?” I ask. She looks around like she’s not quite sure, and she bites her lower lip between her teeth again. I pull it out very gently with my thumb, and she licks her lips, just like she did last night. “I was cold. And you were warm.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “God, I can’t breathe when I’m around you, Peck. I can’t think. I love you, and I don’t want to be apart from you. Ever.”
Tammy Falkner Quote: “There are some girls you sleep with. And then there are other girls you want to sleep with so badly that you hurt, but you don’t because they’re special.”
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