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Tamora Pierce Quotes
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Tamora Pierce Quote: “Don’t threaten someone unless you’re certain you can carry out the threat.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You’re an obnoxious canker-blossom. Go ooze somewhere else.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Ozorne, my precious, where are you? – Rikash Moonsword.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I’m about to commence four years of obeying the cause of a bruiser on a horse. I refuse to put down what might be the last book I see for months.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Do you know, sire, I think that if we live to tell our grandchildren about this war, they will accuse us of making it up.? -Marielle.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Girls are 50% of the population. We deserve to represent 50% of the heroes.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “If arrogance were shoes, he’d never go barefoot.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You can smack some people in the face with a haddock and they’ll still call it a mouse if a mouse is what they want to see.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “As I recall, this word’s use means somewhere there is a tree that is now a – a two-legger. -Numair Salmalin.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “So long as there are nobles and commoners, the wealthy and the poor, those with power will be heard, and those without ignored. That’s the world.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “And if they don’t believe us, I can give them the ghost eyes, you can go all big and threatening, Farmer can do his cracknob simpleton, and my lady can don her nobleness. We’ll do all right.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Lord Raoul asked me to tell you that if you get yourself killed, he will never speak to you again.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I wish we had a sign that this flaming dragon is part of an attack or something. Those dung heaps might think it’s just one of their own monsters enjoying the sunrise.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “It’s the only bad thing about animals,” she told Cleon. “Most don’t live as long as we do.” “I know, sweet,” Cleon said, kissing first one of her eyelids, then the other. “But think how bleak life would be without them.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Alan, you seem to think we won’t like you unless you do things just like everyone else. Have you ever thought we might like you because you’re different?”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I swear the sparrows called us ten kinds of idiot when we did it.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I want to marry her, when I grow up to be a man.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my lord. You are an evil man.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Men don’t think and differently from women – they just make more noise about being able to.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I was stark raving mad, and my family was too polite to mention it. That’s what living with the Yamanis does to people. They get so well-mannered they won’t mention you’re crazy.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “The Chamber is only a room, though a magical one, and you will enter it when the time comes. Duke Roger is only a man, for all he wields sorcery. He can be met and defeated. But you, my daughter – learn to love. You have been given a hard road to walk. Love will ease it. Much depends on you, Alanna of Trebond. Do not fail me!” – The Goddess.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You look as scary as a buttered muffin.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Men broke into their homes, killed their families, threatened you – and you won’t let them do anything for fear you’ll be hurt. That’s selfish. How would you like it if I took your bow and said I cared too much about you to let you fight?”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “She decided to be quiet for now. There was a Yamani saying: “You need never unsay anything that you did not say in the first place.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Have you ever noticed that when you try to deny some part of yourself, things fall out so you need that part more than any other?”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Sadly for my wedding plans, I learned that Nestor is a bardash. I envy the men who enjoy his favors. He has always treated me with friendship which I now value more than my old romantic feelings.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “We can’t just act without thinking anymore, Tris. They’ve been trying to teach as that all along. I guess if we’re mages, we can’t exactly be kids, can we? – Sandry after the pirate attack.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “If you have to hit – hit low.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Beneath her calm exterior she wished fiercely that she could pound the meanness out of Joren. Even as she thought it, she knew she would do better to ignore him. Water, she thought, collecting her staff from the shed where it was kept. I am a summer lake on a windless day, clear, cool, and still. Joren is a cloud. All he can do is cast a shadow on my surface. I’ll be here long after he’s gone.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Alanna: All I know is that I’m to jump when I’m told and I have no free time.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Money talks and walks, but it does not bark.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Scummer, pox and wound rot!” roared Tunstall, slamming his fist down on the bed. “Gods cursed the pig-tarsed mammering craven currish beef-witted bum-licking gut-griping louts that did this to me! May every flea, leech and hookworm in all creation find and feast upon them!”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “When people say a knight’s job is all glory, I laugh and laugh and laugh. Often I can stop laughing before they edge away and talk about soothing drinks.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life,” murmured Niko. “They bring new food for shore creatures, and take ships out to sea. They are the ocean’s pulse, and our own heartbeat.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “We’re just frisking like little captive lambkins.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Haven’t you ever noticed that people who win say it’s because the gods know they are in the right, but if they lose, it wasn’t the gods who declared them wrong? Their opponent cheated, or their equipment was bad.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Why do boys say someone acts like a girl as if it were an insult?”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “We live in a dark time. Books are as dark as what is available to teenagers through the media every day.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Cats must always be cats, even when they are gods, or constellations.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Your life might be easier if you were. A fool for love is happier than a Dog with a heart that’s all leather.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Just because I’m no jaw clacker doesn’t mean there should be a ruction put up whenever I have sommat to say.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Well, no, but everyone says they do.” Someday I must read this scholar Everyone, she thought as she bit her tongue to keep from giving a rude answer. He seems to have written so much – all of it wrong.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Alanna didn’t approve of lying, but in a pinch a lie was sometimes better than the truth.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Why, I’m just as true and honest as dirt. And I’m even more charming than dirt.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Thus went my first Court Day. I think i’m going to puke.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I will tell the stork-man.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I met the oddest little fellow today, Alan of Trebond.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Oakbridge did his work with dramatics and prophecies that all would go horribly awry. Having dealt with him over midwinter, Kel wondered why the man hadn’t died of a heart attack. Instead he seemed to thrive on disaster and finding people seated in the wrong places.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Never express anger with a friend or a subordinate in public,” Vedris always said. “They might forgive a private expression of anger or a deserved scolding, but they never forget a public humiliation. It is the surest way to destroy a friendship and to create enemies.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Scrying the wind is very difficult, Tris,” Niko said gently. “It’s like scrying the future. You’re assailed with thousands of images – fragments, really. It drives many who try it insane.” “You learned to scry the future,” Tris pointed out. “And a number of people have informed me they think I am mad,” Niko replied, his voice very dry.”
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