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Top 200 Tamora Pierce Quotes (2023 Update)

Tamora Pierce Quote: “As long as there’s life, there’s hope.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I believe in deeds, not words.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Without reading, we are all without light in the dark, without fire in the cold.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “When in doubt, shoot the wizard.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Threats are the last resort of a man with no vocabulary.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I am not wise, but I can always learn.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “A good friend will help you up when you fall. A best friend will laugh and try to trip you again. – I’m not sure.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Without patience, magic would be undiscovered – in rushing everything, we would never hear its whisper inside.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Every now and then I like to do as I’m told, just to confuse people.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “It’s harder to heal than it is to kill.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “It’s the only bad thing about animals,” she told Cleon. “Most don’t live as long as we do.” “I know, sweet,” Cleon said, kissing first one of her eyelids, then the other. “But think how bleak life would be without them.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Someday I must read this scholar Everyone. He seems to have written so much – all of it wrong.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Didn’t they realize that the only way to change things was to act?”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Fear is a good thing. It mean you’re paying attention.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “He was stupid. If I killed everyone who was stupid, I wouldn’t have time to sleep.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “It’s not just children who need heroes.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “A cat understands how to be pleasant in the morning. He doesn’t talk.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You are the Protector of the Small. You see real people in the humans and animals overlooked by your peers. There will always be work for you.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “If you’ve a story, make sure it’s a whole one, with details close to hand. It’s the difference between a good lie and getting caught.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I’m not so fond of people myself, Evvy, but I took my vows for a reason. There are two classes of people in the world, the destroyers and the builders. I want to build, not destroy. You need to ask yourself who you’re going to be.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “The bravest person I know is afraid of the dark. She sleeps with a night lamp always, but if her friends are threatened? She suddenly thinks she’s a bear twelve feet tall and attacks whoever scared her friends.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “There is a saying in the Islands. Beware the women of the warrior class, for all they touch is both decorative and deadly.-Yuki.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “If you aren’t having fun, if you aren’t anxious to find out what happens next as you write, then not only will you run out of steam on the story, but you won’t be able to entertain anyone else, either.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I’ve written short stories in first person, but you have so much more control writing in third person. Third person, you know what everybody’s thinking. First person is very limiting, and I could never sustain a first person novel before.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You must tell Lady Alanna that sometime. I’d do it from a distance.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Never break a promise to an animal. They’re like babies – they won’t understand.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You mortals are like fish swimming in a globe of glass. That globe is your world. You do not see beyond it.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I would apologize for my rudeness, if I had any manners. Happily, I don’t.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I think it’s fair rude to make him a tree and not know what kind he is.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Oh! I’m stupid as well as insane.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Moral issues rarely have yes or no answers. -Myles to Alanna when she asks about the Gift.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “She decided to be quiet for now. There was a Yamani saying: “You need never unsay anything that you did not say in the first place.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “What was unreasonable about asking those that had the coin to build the kingdom up again? They made enough riches off of us.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “If I have to ‘catch’ a man to get a husband, I don’t want one.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “She has teeth like stars and hair like sheep fuzz.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “When it was her own doing, she was always tempted to skip a day, or just glance down, then get back to the ground. Kel had to force herself to keep her vow.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Numair smiled. “Their society is ruled by females. Each pack is led by sisters.” “Sensible of them,” Daine said, grinning up at him.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I love meeting fans. They’re always fun, they always have good things to say, smart questions to ask, and plenty of ideas for me to explore in the future.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “My heart bleeds buttermilk. -Daine.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “No can always be changed to yes, but it’s very hard to change yes to no.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I’m sick of this. Call me what you like, say I’m without honor, I don’t care. I’m not getting on any more horses to whack you people with a stick.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Libraries are places where the damaged go to find friends.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “You haven’t been bit till a dragon does it.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I truly love our Code of Chivalry. We are taught that noblemen must take everything and say nothing. Noblemen must stand alone. Well, we’re men, and men aren’t born to stand alone. -Myles of Olau.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Don’t threaten someone unless you’re certain you can carry out the threat.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Scary with you is better than scary without you.”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “Why do I get the feeling that if you give me a hard time, I’ll tell all of our year-mates your family nickname is Meathead?”
Tamora Pierce Quote: “I myself have noticed my growing resemblance to a daffodil.”
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