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Tariq Ramadan Quotes

Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The more you look into and understand yourself, the less judgmental you become towards others.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, but Arab culture is not the culture of Islam.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Behind every great man is not a woman, she is beside him, she is with him, not behind him.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The universality of Islam is not uniformity, it is unity with diversity.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The more I know, the best I believe. The more I know, the best I’m worshiping Him. Because, in the end Allah knows the best.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “To be courageous is to be a voice for the voiceless.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “A true teacher doesn’t teach you to think like him, but to think without him.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “To be kind is good. To be kind without expecting anything in return is better.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Don’t treat people the way they treat you. Treat them better.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Our task is to change the world for the better, not to adapt ourselves to the world.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “If you read the Qur’an with your head, you find repetition. If you read it with your heart, you find depth.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Humility is my table, respect is my garment, empathy is my food and curiosity is my drink. As for love, it has a thousand names and is by my side at every window.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Proud to be a Muslim isn’t a stamp you have on your heart, it’s a light you have in your heart.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Saying that Islam is in heart, is similar to giving back the exam’s paper completely white and saying : knowledge is in brain.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Stand up for your values, be courageous and humble.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “You can’t be good to others if you’re not strict with yourself. The more shallow you are with yourself, the harsher you are with others. The more profound you are with yourself, the more generous you are with others.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Ramadan is, in its essence, a month of humanist spirituality.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Never forget your dialogue with God, it is your strength.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Intellectual modesty is humility as to what I know; intellectual humility is modesty as to what I do not know.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Intellect is a part of a good faith. Intellect is the light, the heart is the direction.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “If you are not at peace with yourself then you cannot spread peace.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “If you know how to live, even death is good news.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Your heart is the center of humility, your mind could be the source of arrogance.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The process of reclaiming the self is one of reconciliation with meaning.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Islam has no problem with women, but Muslims do clearly appear to have serious problems with them.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Malaysia is a country unlike any other: Full of promise and fragility. Its history, cultural and religious diversity make it a rich, compelling and surprising land.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Man is certainly free, but he is responsible for this freedom before God as before men. This responsibility is inevitably moral. In order of this morality, to be free is to protect the freedom of others and their dignities.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Tell me what you are doing with your suffering, and I will tell you who you are.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “You can’t say ‘I don’t do politics,’ because silence is a political statement.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Cherish your tears and their reasons, they will be the light of your smile, your inner peace and reconciliation.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “We want to tell people how great Islam is yet we are not great Muslims.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “In Ramadan, you should eat less and think more.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The philosophy of fasting calls upon us to know ourselves, to master ourselves, and to discipline ourselves the better to free ourselves. To fast is to identify our dependencies, and free ourselves from them.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Clarity and consistency are not enough: the quest for truth requires humility and effort.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “If you do not have boundaries, you do not have a path.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “We are in a world that is connected, but is not communicating.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “You’re a man, but the day you raise your voice to your mother, you’re not anymore.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “When you’re overwhelmed by your emotion, you listen less and you judge more. This is also the reality of the dogmatic mind.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The Islamic world is obsessed with the notion of strong leaders. This is a mistake. We don’t need powerful leaders, but rather unconventional, progressive thinkers with the courage to open our minds.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Teach the heart not to give way to proud emotions and arrogant thinking; bring the mind to heart-soothing solutions that make it possible to control oneself gently and wisely.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Islam came to teach us that there is no faith without intelligence and here we are: destroying our intelligence in the name of faith.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “I believe my religion is the truth, but I am not the truth and the truth doesn’t belong to me I’m trying to belong to the truth.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Muslims must speak out and explain who they are, what they believe in, what they stand for, what is the meaning of their life. They must have the courage to denounce what is said and done by certain Muslims in the name of their religion.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Islam doesn’t need reform, we need to reform the Muslim mind.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Advertising, music, atmospheres, subliminal messages and films can have an impact on our emotional life, and we cannot control it because we are not even conscious of it.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “We need modesty not only in the way we dress; we need intellectual modesty.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “The dogmatic and, therefore, invulnerable core in Islam is understandably simple: acknowledgement of faith, prayer, charity and fasting. Almost everything else is open to interpretation and modification in space and time.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Your sensitivity is power. Don’t let people transform your qualities into weaknesses.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “I have learned that one should say “Peace!” to those who shout their hatred for one’s being and presence or at one’s passage.”
Tariq Ramadan Quote: “Humility is knowing that you can get an answer from anybody: be it a child, another person, or nature.”
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