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Top 250 Tennessee Williams Quotes (2023 Update)
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Tennessee Williams Quote: “Not facing a fire doesn’t put it out.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Take by surprise and the world gives up resistance.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “You know, then that the public Somebody you are when you ‘have a name’ is a fiction created with mirrors and that the only somebody worth being is the solitary and unseen you that existed from your first breath.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Princess, the age of some people can only be calculated by the level of – level of – rot in them.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “It is, perhaps more than anything else, the arrest of time which has taken place in a completed work of art that gives certain plays their feeling of depth and significance.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “To know me is not to love me. At.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “I talk out the lines as I write them.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “I have a poet’s weakness for symbols.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Sometimes a man has got to hock his sweet used-to-be in order to finance his present situation...”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “There is no pleasure in the world like writing well and going fast.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Of coherency, I usually attempt it.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Morning can always be counted on to bring us back to a more realistic level.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Some single men stop drinking when they git married and others start!”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Ignorance of mortality is a comfort.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “It is planned speeches that contain lies or dissimulations, not what you blurt out so spontaneously in one instant.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Sometimes we sleep too long in the afternoon and when we wake we find things changed, Signora.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “And funerals are pretty compared to deaths. Funerals are quiet, but deaths – not always. Sometimes their breathing is hoarse, sometimes it rattles, sometimes they cry out to you, Don’t let me go! Even the old sometimes say, Don’t let me go! As if you were able to stop them! Funerals are quiet with pretty flowers. And oh, what gorgeous boxes they pack them away in!”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “I knew before asking the gypsy that something of this sort would happen to you. You have a spark of anarchy in your spirit and that’s not to be tolerated. Nothing wild or honest is tolerated here! It has to be extinguished or used only to light up your nose for Mr. Gutman’s amusement.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “I always said little Truman had a voice so high it could only be detected by bats.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “A beautiful trust. A rare and beautiful trust. It makes me cry a little. That’s all that life has to give in the way of perfection. The warm and complete understanding of two in a close-walled room with the windows blind to the world.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “I think no more than a week after I started writing I ran into the first block. It’s hard to describe it in a way that will be understandable to anyone who is not a neurotic.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Oh, I suppose I am sick, one of those weak and divided people who slip like shadows among you solid strong ones. But sometimes, out of necessity, we shadowy people take on a strength of our own.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “I cannot write any sort of story unless there is at least one character in it for whom I have physical desire.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “The carrion birds have tried to peck out my eyes and my tongue and my mind, but they’ve never been able to get at my heart.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “Life has got to go on. No matter what happens, you’ve got to keep on going.”
Tennessee Williams Quote: “You know, then, that the public Somebody you are when you “have a name” is a fiction created with mirrors and that the only somebody worth being is the solitary and unseen you that existed from your first breath and which is the sum of your actions and so is constantly in a state of becoming under your own volition – and knowing these things, you can even survive the catastrophe of Success!”
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