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Terry Tempest Williams Quotes
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Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Story is a sacred visualization, a way of echoing experience.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Home is where we have a history.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I really do believe if there is hope in the world, then it is to be found within our own communities with our own neighbors, and within our own homes and families.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The courage to continue before the face of despair is the recognition in those eyes of darkness we find our own night vision. Women blessed with death-eyes are fearless.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I was extremely close with my mother and my grandmothers, we shared our lives – fully, honestly – and it was heightened as each succumbed to cancer. Little was hidden between us. No time. And what was hidden, turned inward. I made a vow to speak. Speak or die.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Perhaps this is what our national parks hold for us: stories, of who we have been and who we might become- a reminder that as human beings our histories harbor both darkness and light. To live in the United States of America and tell only one story, from one point of view, diminishes us all.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “To hold silence and to be silenced are two very different experiences. And so another theme emerges, that of light and shadow. When we share our voice, who benefits? When we withhold, who benefits? And what are the consequences and costs of both?”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The time has come for acts of reverence and restraint on behalf of the Earth. We have arrived at the Hour of Land.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think my heart breaks daily living in Salt Lake City, Utah. But I still love it. And that is the richness, the texture.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “To be numb to the world is another form of suicide.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “What needs to be counted on to have a voice? Courage. Anger. Love. Something to say; someone to speak to; someone to listen.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “What is the most important thing one learns in school? Self-esteem, support, and friendship.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “When I said, “I am my mother, but I’m not,” I was saying my path would be my own.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think about capitalism, consumerism, our consumptive nature as a species approaching the 21st century. I certainly don’t have the answers.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “By definition, our national parks in all their particularity and peculiarity show us as much about ourselves as the landscapes they honor and protect. They can be seen as holograms of an America born of shadow and light; dimensional; full of contradictions and complexities. Our dreams, our generosities, our cruelties and crimes are absorbed into these parks like water. The poet Rumi says, “Water, stories, the.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Words empower us, move us beyond our suffering and set us free. This is the sorcery of literature. We are healed by our stories.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The only book worth writing is the book that threatens to kill you.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The story of the Utah prairie dog is the story of the range of our compassion. If we can extend our idea of community to include the lowliest of creatures, call them ‘the untouchables’, then we will indeed be closer to a path of peace and tolerance. if we cannot accommodate ‘the other’, the shadow we will see on our own home ground will be the forecast of our own species’ extended winter of the soul.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I can’t imagine a secular life, a spiritual life, an intellectual life, a physical life. I mean, we would be completely wrought with schizophrenia, wouldn’t we?”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The legacy of the Wilderness Act is a legacy of care. It is the act of loving beyond ourselves, beyond our own species, beyond our own time. To honor wildlands and wild lives that we may never see, much less understand, is to acknowledge the world does not revolve around us. The Wilderness Act is an act of respect that protects the land and ourselves from our own annihilation.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Landscape shapes culture.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “When you look at the Pueblo communities along the Rio Grande, when you talk to the Navajo people, the Ute people, and certainly the native peoples of California who still have their communities intact, it is what they have always known: that we are not apart from nature but a part of it.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think we have to stand up against what is unacceptable, and to push the boundaries and reclaim a more humane way of being in the world, so that we can extend our compassionate intelligence and begin to work with a strengthened will and imagination that can take us into the future.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “In the dark of the moon there is growth. Plants do not flourish in the noonday sun, but rather in the privacy of the new moon.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “My mother’s journals are a shadow play with mine. I am a woman wedded to words. Words cast a shadow. Without a shadow there is no depth. Without a shadow there is no substance. If we have no shadow, it means we are invisible. As long as I have a shadow, I am alive.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “We write out of our humanity by writing through our direct experience. That which is most personal is most general, which becomes both our insight and protection as a writers. This is our authority as women, as human beings.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think about the poet Rainer Maria Rilke who said that it’s the questions that move us, not the answers. As a writer, I believe that it’s our task, our responsibility, to hold the mirror up to social injustices that we see and to create a prayer of beauty. The questions serve us in that capacity.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I would like to hear the words “public lands” spoken in every election debate, with candidates holding both government and corporations accountable in their oversight and use. The fact of more than three hundred million visits to our national parks last year tells me I am not alone.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “These are difficult time, transformative times- times of extreme actions especially within our national parks. Extreme drought. Extreme fires. Extreme development with extreme policy shifts needed in the name of global warming. The world is changing dramatically, both ecologically as well as politically. But I believe our greatest transformation as a species will be spiritual. The word “we” must include all species.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Our public lands – whether a national park or monument, wildlife refuge, forest or prairie – make each one of us land-rich. It is our inheritance as citizens of a country called America.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I can only tell where I feel most at home, which is in the erosional landscape of the red rock desert of southern Utah, where the Colorado River cuts through sandstone and the geologic history of the Earth is exposed: our home in Castle Valley.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Tortoise steps, slow steps, four steps like a tank with a tail dragging in the sand. Tortoise steps, land based, land locked, dusty like the desert tortoise herself, fenced in, a prisoner on her own reservation – teaching us the slow art of revolutionary patience.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “We are taught not to trust our own experiences. Great Salt Lake teaches me experience is all we have.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “To acknowledge that which we cannot see, to give definition to that which we don’t know, to create divine order out of chaos, is the religious dance.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “How do we create beauty in a broken world? How do we create a view of sustainability in an economy that is crashing? How do we reconfigure our lives, how do we pick up the pieces and create a meaningful life? So, yes, we have a different form of leadership but the questions remain the same.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Literature was life, and reading became an open door to a world beyond the familiar.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Through revision, I enter the realm of the unspeakable and find the words that have eluded me.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Space is the twin sister of time. If we have open space then we have open time to breathe, to dream, to dare, to play, to pray to move freely, so freely, in a world our minds have forgotten, but our bodies remember.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Sometimes you have to disclaim your country and inhabit another before you can return to your own.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think wherever we are, we can create an atmosphere of openness and trust, where women and those who feel marginalized feel safe to speak the truth of their lives.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “To withhold words is power. But to share our words with others, openly and honestly, is also power.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I believe that when we are fully present, we not only live well, we live well for others.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “We mask our needs as the needs of others.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Species other than man have rights, too. Having finished all the requisites of our proud, materialistic civilization, our neon-lit society, does nature, which is the basis of our existence, have the right to live on? Do we have enough reverence for life to concede to wilderness this right?”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “A pencil is a wand and a weapon. Be careful. Protect yourself. It can be glorious.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I am a Mormon woman, I am not orthodox. It is the lens through which I see the world. I hear the Tabernacle Choir and it still makes me weep.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Pico Iyer describes his writing as “intimate letters to a stranger,” and I think that is what the writing process is. It begins with a question, and then you follow this path of exploration.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “When Emily Dickinson writes, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul,” she reminds us, as the birds do, of the liberation and pragmatism of belief.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “What is private belongs to me alone. What is personal belongs to all of us through the shared experience of being human.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The danger is in what we codify, commodify, and exploit.”
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