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Terry Tempest Williams Quotes
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Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “This is the Hour of Land, when our mistakes and shortcomings must be placed in the perspective of time. The Hour of Land is where we remember what we have forgotten: We are not the only species who lives and dreams on the planet. There is something enduring that circulates in the heart of nature that deserves our respect and attention.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Writing becomes an act of compassion toward life, the life we so often refuse to see because if we look too closely or feel too deeply, there may be no end to our suffering. But words empower us, move us beyond our suffering, and set us free. This is the sorcery of literature. We are healed by our stories.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think that it’s too much to take on the world. It’s too much to take on Los Angeles. All I can do is to go back home to the canyon where we live and ask the kinds of questions that can make a difference in our neighborhoods.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I come from a culture that embodies the need to convert others to “the truth.” The Mormon Church has one of the largest missionary programs in the world. That does not interest me.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think direct political action, civil disobedience, in particular, is something to be taken very seriously.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I don’t think of myself as an American; I see myself as a human being.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think I must be worried all the time – maybe that is the other side of joy, you know, holding that line of the full range of emotions.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I love the ordered mind of history because it takes us out of the chaos, momentarily, and says, “Ah, so this is the story we are engaged in.””
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I think that water is a tremendous organizing principle.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “These handwritten words in the pages of my journal confirm that from an early age I have experienced each encounter in my life twice: once in the world, and once again on the page.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I am not so interested in religion or dogma of any kind. It is too restrictive for me, too organizational, too hierarchical, and too tied up in power and being right. You call it a “rabid evangelism.””
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “There is no one true church, no one chosen people.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I am of this place. Family is a place, and my family s located here, those who are living and those who have passed. I am am settled in the scent of sage, Mount Moran’s reflection at Oxbow Bend is more than a mirror of memories; it is the joy found in river otters, a reminder that there are places in the world we can return for peace unchanged.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Our national parks are memory palaces where our personal histories reside.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “The sin we commit against each other as women is lack of support. We hurt. We hurt each other. We hide. We project. We become mute or duplicitous, and we fester like boiling water until one day we erupt like a geyser. Do we forget we unravel in grief?”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I was not born here by my consciousness towards a land ethic was.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “How do we remain faithful to our own spiritual imagination and not betray what we know in our own bodies? The world is holy. We are holy. All life is holy.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Reading has not only changed my life but saved it. the right picked at the right time – especially the one that scares us, threatens to undermine all we have been told, the one that contains forbidden thoughts – these are the books that become Eve’s apples.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “If we fail in this country, it is because we are too timid. If we lose our way in America, it is because we are too complacent. We must become conscious to the real threats before us and act creatively, imaginatively, now. We can no longer look to leadership beyond ourselves.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Community is extremely intimate. When we talk about humor, I love that you know when you’re home because there is laughter in the room, there is humor, there is shorthand. That is about community.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “I write as a witness to what I have seen.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Today majesty is the length from where I stand to the summit of the mountain we are climbing. This mountain has majesty and hold its own authority above all others.”
Terry Tempest Williams Quote: “Good writing must stay open to the questions and not fall prey to the pull of a polemic, otherwise, words simply become predictable, sentimental, and stale.”
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