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Tyler Posey Quotes

Tyler Posey Quote: “It’s hard to fall in love with somebody, and then break up and not have feelings for that same person.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “Life can’t always be good, and life can’t always be bad. That just holds true. I’ve learned a lot from that statement, and I think about it, all the time.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I love playing music, I love my dog, and I love my family.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “Teen Wolf has more heart then Buffy.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram. I’m always posting pictures from set, and little clues and teasing people with fun things. It’s awesome!”
Tyler Posey Quote: “Growing up, I realized that fame is not what you think it is. It’s a little bizarre. You have to learn how to cope with that and figure out who you are.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I tell a lot of fart and poop jokes. I can’t help it. I have no filter, and it just comes out.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I mean, people don’t know what race I am. They never know if I’m Hawaiian or Italian or Mexican or Spanish or white. I could play Jewish, I could play anything.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “On my mom’s side I’m Mexican, and my dad is a white dude.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I’m meeting a lot of musicians and people in the music business, and am constantly trying to figure out what I want to do with music. We’ll see. I want to do everything.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “You know I don’t care about what I eat. I love food so much, I can’t affect the way I eat.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I’m a big fan of zombies, and I have a zombie tattoo on my leg.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I like girls with a good sense of humor.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I eat whatever I want. I can get away with it. There are some strict regiment eatings, but I don’t follow them.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I was never NOT confident about doing scenes without my shirt – and now I’ll find any excuse to take my shirt off!”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I took Spanish in high school and I didn’t do too well in it. My Spanish teacher told me not to go on with Spanish anymore, so I was discouraged a little bit.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I was never really unpopular in high school.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “As an actor, you need that constant change, or things will get stale.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “Acting is all I know; being on a set is all I know.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I’d love to be a rockstar.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “I believe when actors say they can go crazy playing the same role, over and over again.”
Tyler Posey Quote: “Whenever something good comes up that sounds like I could be part of the project, my manager and my agents send me in on it.”
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