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Top 30 Tyrese Gibson Quotes (2022 Update)

Tyrese Gibson Quote: “The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “You will always grow through – what you go through.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “Excuses sound best to the person that’s making ’em up!”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “For every level there’s another Devil.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “Today I begin a new life for I am the master of my abilities and today is going to be a great and beautiful day!”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “Change your mind and it will change your life. If nothing around you changes, changes the things that are around you.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “People are in your life for a reason, others are there for a season and it’s important to realize when those seasons are over.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “People are dream killers – you’ve got to be careful who you give emotional access to.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “Life is a menu. Whatever you order is what’s delivered to the table.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I’m not Jesus, but I have very valuable information.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “When you step on the treadmill, make a commitment. Do, say, 3 miles a day. And don’t get off until you finish. It doesn’t matter what speed you’re going. Just don’t get off.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “If you’re not happy about how you look, you have to question how much self-love you have.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “My ex-girl told me, “I love you so much, and I know it’s just a phase you’re going through.” When a woman comes at you like that, you look at her as being so mature because she understands if I’m cheating, it’s not her problem, it’s mine. When a man cheats, it’s not a reflection of what she’s not.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “There are a lot of directors who make big money and do big things and then move out of the ’hood.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I don’t look at women as groupies. To me, a groupie is a stalker. If you’re a fan, then you’re a fan. But I can look at a woman and become a fan of hers instantly. I’ll tell a woman, “Look, I don’t want your phone number. Just give me your autograph. Can I take a picture with you?””
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “You are the master of your environment. You’ve got your own head, your own mind. So once you figure out what you want for yourself, you have to create the proper environment to make sure you can live out all the things you want.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “You have to surround yourself with people who live, breathe and eat something that you’re trying to do, and then it becomes a motivating thing for them to want to support and get behind what you’re doing – it’s all good then.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “A lot of men are very sloppy with the way they cheat. You can get caught from your cell phone or hanging around the wrong people while you’re doing your dirt. Or you can get caught after a woman purposely leaves something in your car.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “James Franco is a Method actor. I respect Method actors, but he never snapped out of character. Whenever we’d have to get in the ring for boxing scenes, and even during practice, the dude was full-on hitting me.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “When you’re in shape, you don’t have to walk up to somebody and say, ‘Yo, I love myself.’ You look like you care for yourself.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “Ive never had to fight hard for anything Ive gotten in the past.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “When you play somebody’s life, everything about your likeness, everything about the way you talk, whatever, has to become that person.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I think a fan is a fan and when they support you and when they love you and when they embrace you and what you bring to the table, as long as you bring something that’s quality to the table they’re going to show up and support it.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I’m definitely more talented than most of the guys I know.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “The beautiful thing about my intelligence is that it doesn’t really come in one specific department. So even if something hasn’t happened to me, I have information on how to get you through whatever you may be going through.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “Most women can’t handle the reality of what comes with being with me. It takes a very secure woman to be backstage at a concert hearing 15,000 females going crazy.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I think the worst thing you can do is take an arrogant approach and not give people enough content to wrap their heads around.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I can say, hands down, ‘Annapolis’ is the most challenging film I’ve ever taken on.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I think the most significant moment at a wedding is when you say “I do” and when you do the first dance.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I think ultimately a fan is a fan and you can’t put new things on the fans mind if you don’t have an audience.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “A lot of times black actors get stuck in a box. They’re up against a lot of limitations for the kind of films that they get approached about. It’s easy to get stuck in a box and just be approached about nothing but urban films.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “God doesnt give you something, someone else is suppose to have.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “You have to take your hat off to the homosexual and gay community cause right now they’re as strong as black people USE to be when it comes to their rights.”
Tyrese Gibson Quote: “I think right now a lot of albums that are out there, they sound like mixtapes.”
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