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Top 40 V. S. Pritchett Quotes (2023 Update)

V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The detective novel is the art-for-art’s-sake of our yawning Philistinism, the classic example of a specialized form of art removed from contact with the life it pretends to build on.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The mark of genius is an incessant activity of mind. Genius is a spiritual greed.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It’s all in the art. You get no credit for living.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Among the masked dandies of Edwardian comedy, Max Beerbohm is the most happily armored by a deep and almost innocent love of himself as a work of art.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Criticism changes with the fashion of the time. A story is always a story.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It is well known that, when two authors meet, they at once start talking about money-like everyone else.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The profoundly humorous writers are humorous because they are responsive to the hopeless, uncouth, concatenations of life.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It is exciting and emancipating to believe we are one of nature’s latest experiments, but what if the experiment is unsuccessful?”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Short stories can be rather stark and bare unless you put in the right details. Details make stories human, and the more human a story can be, the better.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Sooner or later, the great men turn out to be all alike. They never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The State, that cawing rookery of committees and subcommittees.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Life – how curious is that habit that makes us think it is not here, but elsewhere.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The businessman who is a novelist is able to drop in on literature and feel no suicidal loss of esteem if the lady is not at home, and he can spend his life preparing without fuss for the awful interview.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Writing enlarges the landscape of the mind.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Detective stories are the art-for-art’s sake of yawning Philistinism.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The wrongs of childhood and upbringing have made a large and obsessional contribution to autobiography and the novel.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The Canadian spirit is cautious, observant and critical where the American is assertive.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “I felt the beginning of a passion, hopeless in the long run, but very nourishing, for identifying myself with people who were not my own, and whose lives were governed by ideas alien to mine.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It is often said that in Ireland there is an excess of genius unsustained by talent; but there is talent in the tongues.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The difference between farce and humour in literature is, I suppose, that farce strums louder and louder on one string, while humour varies its note, changes its key, grows and spreads and deepens until it may indeed reach tragic depths.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Because of the influence of the cinema, most reports or stories of violence are so pictorial that they lack content or meaning. The camera brings them to our eyes, but does not settle them in our minds, nor in time.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Those mausoleums of inactive masculinity are places for men who prefer armchairs to women.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “We do not wish to be better than we are, but more fully what we are.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “How extraordinary it is that one feels most guilt about the sins one is unable to commit.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Now, practically all reviewers have academic aspirations. The people from the universities are used to a captive audience, but the literary journalist has to please his audience.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “All writers – all people – have their stores of private and family legends which lie like a collection of half-forgotten, often violent toys on the floor of memory.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Like many popular best-sellers, he was a very sad and solemn man who took himself too seriously and his art not seriously enough.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “There is more magic in sin if it is not committed.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The makers of the short story have rarely been good novelists.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “A natural New Yorker is a native of the present tense.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “As Londoners, we are – you see – drama itself and have no reason to whip ourselves up into states with sirens and altercations. We like the police to be quiet, the ambulances discreet, and the fire engines jolly.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It is less the business of the novelist to tell us what happened than to show how it happened.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “I shall never be as old as I was between 20 and 30.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It’s very important to feel foreign. I was born in England, but when I’m being a writer, everyone in England is foreign to me.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “A touch of science, even bogus science, gives an edge to the superstitious tale.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “One recalls how much the creative impulse of the best-sellers depends upon self-pity. It is an emotion of great dramatic potential.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “In no other city can one so cheerfully enjoy the accidents of bad art.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The men vanish, but toasts, prayers – and property – remains.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The peculiar foreign superstition that the English do not like love, the evidence being that they do not talk about it.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “It is the role of the poet to look at what is happening in the world and to know that quite other things are happening.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Queen Victoria – a mixture of national landlady and actress.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “If Ivan was thought of as an evasive, irresolute and will-less man in later years, one has to suppose that his mother had broken his will.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Well, youth is the period of assumed personalities and disguises. It is the time of the sincerely insincere.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “We are used to the actions of human beings, not to their stillness.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “I am under the spell of language, which has ruled me since I was 10.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “On one plane, the very great writers and the popular romancers of the lower order always meet. They use all of themselves, helplessly, unselectively. They are above the primness and good taste of declining to give themselves away.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “Your successes were never due to your brains. You achieved them because you have “character.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “One is inclined to add only one emollient sentence: that whoever you are and whatever you have done, you will be reversed if you reach old age, for then you will look like a hard old walnut or like some beatified infant of boundless cynicism – the London ideas of innocence. You will look so sweet that you will be able to get away with anything.”
V. S. Pritchett Quote: “The attitude to foreigners is like the attitude to dogs: dogs are neither human nor British, but so long as you keep them under control, give them their exercise, feed them, pat them, you will find their wild emotions are amusing, and their characters interesting.”
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