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Vaddey Ratner Quotes

Vaddey Ratner Quote: “Animals are not like people. If you leave them alone, they won’t hurt you. But people will, even if you’ve done no wrong. They hurt you with their guns, their words, their lies and broken promises, their sorrow.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “The problem with being seven-I remember myself at that age-is that you’re aware of so much, and yet you understand so little. So you imagine the worst.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “Love hides in all sorts of places, in the most sorrowful corner of your heart, in the darkest and most hopeless situation.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “Papa said that when he wanted to escape from something unpleasant or sad all he needed was to find a crack in the wall and pretend it was an entryway into another world, a world where all that was lost – yourself included – would again be found.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “Often I lose myself in the constellation of my own ideas, forever searching for point of illumination. But no matter where I look, I find you, shinning and bright, offering me what ever it is I seek, you are my one single star. My sun, my moon, my guide and direction, I know as long as I have you, I’ll never lose my way. Even if I can not touch you, I know I will see you, feel you, from anywhere. If I need you I know where to find you.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “Words, they are our rise and our fall.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “Truth, she believed, lies in what is said as much as in what isn’t, in the same way that a melody not only is a sequence of audible notes but encompasses the spaces and pauses in between. When listening to music, you must learn to take in even the atmosphere of an echo.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “One group interrogated me, the others murdered my family. There was never any communication between them. It was all a game.”
Vaddey Ratner Quote: “I said nothing. Deep inside of me, my voice screamed from a hole where I had buried it.”
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