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Vadim Zeland Quotes

Vadim Zeland Quote: “How can you achieve a state of balance in which you combine the decision to have with the abandonment of direct action? The answer is obvious. You have to maintain balanced intention, which means to want without desiring, to take care without worrying, to strive without being distracted and to act without demanding. Balance is destroyed by the excess potential of projected importance. As you already know, the more important the goal the harder it becomes to reach.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Everyone is free to choose any destiny they wish. The only freedom we truly have is the freedom.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Coincidence is a pseudonym for God, when he does not want to leave his signature”. Whenever.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Let go of feelings of guilt and the need to justify your actions. To let go of guilt, it is enough to give yourself permission to be yourself.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “The objective observer always has the advantage over a direct participant.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “If you express an intention, consider it the intention of God. How then could you doubt that it could be fulfilled?”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Let go of feelings of guilt and the need to justify your actions.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “People are often quick to criticize others for the very things they dislike in themselves. You have probably done the same thing yourself without being aware you were doing it.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “The mind is constantly generating thoughts and the voice of the heart is literally drowned out by the ‘thought-churn’ making it difficult to access intuitive knowledge. If you stop the train of thoughts and simply contemplate the emptiness, you will hear the rustle of the morning stars, the inner voice that has no words. The heart could provide answers to many of our questions if only we could hear its voice.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Emotions stem from attitudes, therefore you should change your attitude in the first place. Feelings and emotions are nothing but consequences. They are caused by one single thing, importance.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “The hardest role to play is the one where you play yourself and allow yourself to remove the mask and be yourself.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “When you battle for something it is like you are trying to push your realization into the alternatives space, whereas when you choose something the space comes to you.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Unless you accept the possibility of defeat you will not eliminate desire.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “You cannot make other people happy but you can easily injure others with your own unhappiness.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Do not watch how other people walk their path to success or try to keep up with them. Do not give in to the herd instinct. You have your own calling. The majority take the roads well-trodden but true success is achieved by the few who refuse to follow the rule “do as I do” and independently tread their own path.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “That brings me to a final word of warning. If you associate your dream with the idea of helping those close to you everything could go very wrong.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Everyone that stands in front of the mirror receive confirmation of the image in their thoughts.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “The reason the work of a genius appeals to you so much is because these creative works are born of the heart. What you choose to create will please others just the same, as long as it originates from the uniqueness of your soul. Everything that is ordinary and mediocre is created by the mind.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “The mind can only construct a new model of a house from the bricks of a previous design.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “When you go with the flow the world meets you halfway The.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “This is one of the most paradoxical aspects of the freedom of choice. People really can choose happiness and success for themselves and yet at the same time remain restricted by pendulums that lead them away from the wave of fortune. Here we return to a theme we discussed earlier; to claim freedom of choice you must be independent. You have the right to be free of the influence of other people’s pendulums. Now we will clarify how you can claim this right. The.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Moving towards your goal is like returning to the past when ice-cream was delicious, hope was bright and life was still joyful and promising. Do not despair – the past lies just ahead! Gliding.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “People pull on a smile as if it were just another accessory. It might as well be a tie than a smile.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “When the mind wants to hope it refuses to listen.”
Vadim Zeland Quote: “Have you ever wondered whether there could be a different, more positive script in which the one who feels well survives?”
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