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Val Kilmer Quotes

Val Kilmer Quote: “It hurts. I miss my kids. I miss my kids in so many ways that I can’t explain.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “There is no normal life, there’s just life. You live it.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I saw the horizon. It’s out there. And though I may not ever be able to touch it, it’s worth reaching for.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Without deadlines and restrictions I just tend to become preoccupied with other things.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “New Mexico is my home. It has never been anything but home. The ranch has rivers and canyon, everything imaginable. I can ride, hunt and fish. At the same time, ranching is grueling, difficult work. It’s like acting, to be successful at it, you have to work hard. I take it very seriously.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “The trick to being a good actor is getting so involved in your character that the camera disappears, the 50 bored guys eating doughnuts disappear, friends disappear. To get to that point when you don’t have to think about it, you’re just acting and reacting in those circumstances.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “It’s so early do you want some coffee or something?”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I have two children and they’re young yet but all of the children that I know really inspire me.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Hollywood’s like a warehouse. It’s just a place that you go. What’s interesting in the warehouse has to do with the creative people.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “My first girlfriend in high school, I had a girlfriend in grade school, but my first girlfriend in high school was Mare Winningham, very fine actress.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Life is precious, and when someone dies it’s an opportunity to realise how precious it is. My brother drowned when I was 17. He was 15. I think I grew from that. My father didn’t. It really crushed him.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Unless a Western’s made money – doesn’t matter who made the money, doesn’t matter what the subject is – if the last one didn’t make any money, you can’t make another one for a four-year period. Westerns more than any genre.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I think death is just a transition to another state of consciousness.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Mark Twain is as big as America. He really is.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Again, in Wag the Dog, war has to be declared by an act of congress. But if you go to war, you don’t have to declare war. You’re just at war and we did that, which is not legal.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “You just don’t understand humility until you have children and get divorced. I was very hurt and very angry and so was she. But when kids are involved, you either become friends with respect or you become mortal enemies.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Hollywood is wonderful, but it does eat its young.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “It’s a really weird thing, modern divorce. I found out I was getting divorced on television. That was kind of weird.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “It’s important to be yourself. What art does for everyone, helps you understand yourself and in a distilled way, whether it’s a painting or a scene in acting or a joke. It distills something about everyday life that can be important to you.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “When you dream dreams when you’re young, do them before you have a reason not to. When you are young, that is when all the dreams come true. Believe me do them all. Nothing bad will happen to you and all things good.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I don’t believe in death. I think it’s just a state of mind.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I’m a character actor, but I look like a leading man.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “There was such a relationship between the buffalo and the American Indian – the Indians would eat them, live inside their pelts, use every part of the body. There was almost no separation between the people and the animals.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Art is a way to get strength from something that is life-affirming. It can be quite violent and still be life-affirming.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “A wonderful but kind of a terrible truth about acting is that you actually get to a point where you become content with an impossible task: it is really impossible to properly prepare. You kind of have to start over every time.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Give me the compliments. I love compliments. I was born modest, but it wore off.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I don’t make any pretense about being normal. I’m not.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I liked being Doc Holliday. It’s fun to be insightful and aristocratic, to stand up for your friend and make sacrifices for him. It was fun to be arrogant like he was and have the goods to back it up. He was a very noble character. Although, let’s not forget, he did kill a lot of people.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Daryl Hannah likes to goof around with fashion, but she does have pretty impeccable taste.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “It may or may not sound pretentious. But I’ve turned down, consciously and specifically, many jobs I knew would have been a pretty surefire way to go about making a lot of money, being recognized and gaining power in the industry.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Postman is a media analyst and his theory is that television doesn’t influence our culture, but that it is our culture and the presidency and anything that relies on television.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “You will see this book takes twists and turns. Welcome to the pinball machine of my mind. Here, authenticity lives with eccentricity. A delicious diet, if a bit unsteady. My poems, my puns, my spiritual side trips, and the names of friends, both famous and infamous, dropped along the way – I can’t stop myself. I can’t help myself. So come along. It’s dangerous, but indulge me. We will travel with lightning speed because I’ve led a lightning-speed life.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I don’t think of my life as a cliche, but I’m a cliche eccentric. Complete with a strange name – I mean, who’s named Val? How many Vals do you know? I mean, really?”
Val Kilmer Quote: “My father was raised in the mountains of New Mexico, and he picked cotton for a dollar a day. He was working for the family from the time he was 7.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Mark Twain had a way of telling stories that shifts your consciousness away from labels.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I was in love with Tina Goodman since I was three and her parents came popping out of the trash cans. I think it made a big impression on me.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “The Secret Service is a strange group. They don’t really have a leader. It’s not set up like a military. Each one is supposed to be able to act like a leader when something comes up.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “YouTube is a new experience for me-someone threw a laptop in front of me and showed me Nic Cage going mad, which has got to be the funniest thing on YouTube. He’s so courageous.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I never cultivated a personality. Almost everyone who is really famous has cultivated a personality.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “You just don’t understand humility until you have children and get divorced.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “There are only three reasons to do a movie: the cast, the director, the role. Like I say, you live in a minute of screen time, but to prepare for the minute takes much more than a day. You’d better be excited about what those moments are, even if they’re the hardest moments. Or the smallest.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “It’s the first time that I’ve ever had an art show based on a film, but it’s a photography collage.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “So it’s always helped me to have a foundation, an ideal to strive for and goals. It’s hard for me to be disciplined and plan things.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I love that Bob Dylan asked me to be in the first movie he wrote.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Peter Sellers was just a brilliant actor, and also comedic.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Most films made about the future acquiesce toward death, and I don’t want to be told how to define my future.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “That’s the joy of art – it should be dangerous and challenging but it’s just art – it’s safe.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “A hundred million dollars in the art world is a substantial amount of cash to do anything.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “Interesting characters are troubled characters. The only problem I’ve had in my business is very few people – unfortunately, very vocal – confusing the difficult role that I play with me. I play these guys, but I’m not like them. I’ve been accused of bein.”
Val Kilmer Quote: “I’ve found that Hollywood’s a really honest business. They don’t pull any punches. They tell you exactly what you want-I want the fake breasts and the flat car and the big pool. You know, they’re real up-front about it.”
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