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Top 9 Valentin Rasputin Quotes (2024 Update)

Valentin Rasputin Quote: “Believe them and they’ll tell you all sorts of things.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “Lately, Nastoyna felt that she had no right to criticize anyone at all – no man, no animal, no bird, because each lived his own life, which was not in his control and which he could not change.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “Everything, that she was saying, now, everything that she saw and heard, took place in a deep numbness, in which all the senses are stilled and a person exists not in one’s own life but with some emergency life that is stuck onto one. In such situations fear, pain, surprise and enlightenment come later, and until such time as one comes to one’s senses, this sober, sturdy, and almost unfeeling mechanism takes over.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “Perhaps the most important thing in life is for each person to stay headed in the right direction within his assigned place and not to veer off in vain or run around in circles on ill-defined quests.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “What was so wrong with us? We were young, healthy, matched in every way. Live and be happy. No, I had to show my strength, be moody. What a fool. And I didn’t understand that I was a fool; after all, I do have some brains, but I couldn’t stop myself.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “Of course, drinking is an art, like lots of other things.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “It’s still not tea without a samovar. Just water, that’s all.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “I don’t know how it is in mathematics, but in life the best proof for something lies in its opposite.”
Valentin Rasputin Quote: “Let others do as they wished, but she would live the life she began and would not run from corner to corner in a frenzy. She would wait for her own happiness, not someone else’s.”
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