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Vannetta Chapman Quotes

Vannetta Chapman Quote: “We are living on the brink of the apocalypse, but the world is asleep. JOEL ROSENBERG.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “Forget your mistakes but remember what they taught you.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “When you’re completely lost, when you have no idea what comes next or why things are happening, faith is what gets you through. Even if you’re not sure what you believe, you keep doing the things you know in your heart are the right things. That is faith, Carter. It’s not the absence of questions. It’s continuing, day in and day out, in spite of those questions.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “The knowing is easy. It’s the doing that gives us trouble.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “It’s the way we do things here, Callie. We support each other. Is it not this way where you come from?”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “Being impatient with a donkey is a futile exercise.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “If you think you’ve seen it all, put on your sunglasses, because you’re about to be surprised.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “He had been the pastor of Tate’s church since Tate’s boys were in high school – probably over ten years now. Tate thought he was a fair man with a good heart. It helped that his sermons were interesting and not fire and brimstone like the guy they’d had before him. Tate understood too well the repercussions of his sin. He went to church to hear about hope, to be encouraged. That was a thing Mitch seemed naturally born to – encouraging others.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “Things change, but sometimes our perception of them stays the same.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “Hannah was reminded of what her bishop had said to her when she’d spoken to him of her dreams. “Our mind has a way of working out our fears, but God – he has a way of making us a new creature if we let him.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “Charlie Everman understood, in the very depth of his soul, that God’s mercies were new each morning.”
Vannetta Chapman Quote: “The trouble with doing nothing is, it’s too hard to tell when you’re finished.”
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