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Varlam Shalamov Quotes

Varlam Shalamov Quote: “Friendship is not born in conditions of need or trouble. Literary fairy tales tell of ‘difficult’ conditions which are an essential element in forming any friendship, but such conditions are simply not difficult enough. If tragedy and need brought people together and gave birth to their friendship, then the need was not extreme and the tragedy not great. Tragedy is not deep and sharp if it can be shared with friends.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “There is a much that a man should not see, should not know, and if he should see it, it is better for him to die.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “I discovered that the world should be divided not into good and bad people but into cowards and non-cowards. Ninety-five percent of cowards are capable of the vilest things, lethal things, at the mildest threat.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “Nothing could be avoided, and nothing could be foreseen. What was the point of unnecessary fear?”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “A human being survives by his ability to forget. Memory is always ready to blot out the bad and retain only the good.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “We realized that life, even the worst of life, consists of an alternation of joys and sorrow, successes and failure more than the successes.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “I’m dressed appropriate for the season mama, I’m dressed appropriately for the season.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “Tragedy is not deep and sharp if it can be shared with friend.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “That same sense of direction that animals possess perfectly also awakens in man under the right conditions.”
Varlam Shalamov Quote: “We were disciplined and obedient to authority. We realized that truth and lies were twin sisters, and that truth on earth came in thousands of different forms.”
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