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Vaughn Heppner Quotes

Vaughn Heppner Quote: “Join the Army, see the world. Meet new and exciting people, and kill them.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “A key to success in battle was to make a decision – good or bad – and to stick with it. Being wishy-washy during a fight led to death or defeat or possibly both.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “People are most concerned about the pebble in their shoe.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “Where others go unarmed, there it is wise to go armed.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “Few things moved people like religion. For some people, their politics was their religion. For some, football, soccer or bowling became their most sacred belief. On Earth in the past, communism became the religion of Karl Marx, Lenin and hundreds of millions of true believers. In the United States, feminism had become a religion. If you spoke out against it, certain people went ballistic. The same held true for gun rights and a host of other issues.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “My personal belief was that man was made to work. Unemployment was one of the worst evils, as it stole a man’s pride.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “If you become a coward, you die a thousand deaths throughout your life. A brave man or woman only dies once.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “I refuse to let someone’s reputation defeat me, only his actions.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “Social Unity theory spoke about equality, using it so the State could plunder the production of the individual.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “The man who considers himself beaten is beaten. The man that still strives, no matter what the odds stacked against him, has a chance.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “All life is a risk, Lieutenant. We have to play the hand we’re dealt, not the one we’d like.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “If we’re doomed, as you say, why not strive with every fiber in you to defeat the night? Why go quietly down to death? Let’s fight oblivion together. Let’s fight to live longer and do more than simply quit. If you admit defeat, the game is already up. If you strive, well, who knows, maybe we’ll produce another wonder.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “You desire to become a pirate?” N7 asked. “No,” I said, “a Viking.” “I do not understand your reference.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “It’s a Saurian,” Rollo muttered. Oh, I saw what he meant. The alien had a bubble-like helmet. The creature was a walking lizard, or looked like one, a giant gecko from those insurance commercials. That widened my smile, and for a second I wondered if this Saurian would speak in a British accent.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “Wise decisions have not given us this position of freedom,” N7 said. “Wild, nearly insane decisions have proven best so far. Perhaps we should stick to what works.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “If you become a coward, you die a thousand deaths throughout your life.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “They had powered armor and heavy caliber rifles. We had bio-suits and pure hearts, oh yeah.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “He had the stamp of perfection: not of a Nietzsche superman but of the ultimate butt-kissing underling.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “I drew it, showing him the Bowie. “With this blade, I will personally peel off your skin and nail it to my bedroom floor. Every time I think of you, I’ll wipe my feet on the fur.”
Vaughn Heppner Quote: “Maddox knew the importance of appearing confident. Never let them see you sweat. That intimidated opponents and bolstered allies. Right about now, his crew needed all the encouragement they could get. Lieutenant.”
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