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Top 25 Veena Venugopal Quotes (2023 Update)

Veena Venugopal Quote: “Alas, the Indian family has even more complex webs of connection than what diplomats in the external affairs ministry are familiar with.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “If ‘adjust’ were an Olympic sport, India would be assured of a gold medal.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “In many of the stories, husbands who don’t stand up for their wives often end up destroying their marriages.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “At the heart of the mother-in-law–daughter-in-law conflict lies control.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “Certainly, whom you marry on that day determines how you live the rest of your life. So forget about what you’ll wear and how you’ll have your hair done, focus on finding a man who has your back.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “The two big reasons for strife in a marriage are stepchildren and infidelity. A close third is in-laws.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “There is no fashion police stricter than the Indian mother-in-law.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “Indian mothers do have an obsessive love for their sons. The whole notion of preference for the boy child feeds into this obsession.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “I sometimes think about what my mother-in-law said – that I would be like a daughter to her. And I can’t stop laughing,’ she says.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “Arti, who has now been married for over fifteen years, is not in the group that claimed their husbands’ non-interference was a blessing. She is firmly of the view that his failure to put his foot down is as much a cause of the unpleasantness in her life, as her mother-in-law’s downright nastiness.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “In India, marriage is a mandatory marker of time, not emotions.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “In May 2013, the Supreme Court had to use its super serious powers to give Mummyjis a special instruction. The crux of its statement was, and I quote, ‘A daughter-in-law is to be treated as a family member, not a housemaid.’ What kind of a non-problem requires advice from the Supreme Court?”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “To give ‘adjust’ its due, it is in fact the secret to the country’s low divorce rate.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “It is said of the modern woman that she has to straddle several roles.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “In India, modernity is like a new outfit, you wear it only when you go out.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “This allowance for cruelty within families is universal, but it is especially pronounced in India where the family reigns supreme.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “The secret to the longevity of joint families lies in pretending things don’t happen.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “Daughters-in-law who expect to live modern, post-liberalized lives are finding themselves stuck with pre-liberalized Mummyjis.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “This, I discover, is the joy of re-reading. Re-reading A Suitable Boy, almost two decades later is not just revising the first read, it is realizing that it is a book almost entirely different from the one I read before.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “Mummyji, however, is stuck at Mughal-e-Azam. She has raised her daughter to be independent and liberal, because that was the cue she got from others around her. She thinks of the freedom she allows her daughter as a short vacation.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “The most puzzling aspect of Mummyji behaviour is her desire for absolute control. There is no room, usually, for negotiation.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “These things happen, you have to adjust,’ contains within itself everything that parents want their daughters to know, especially as they get married.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “Adjust’ means you are making a big deal out of a small thing. That yes, there might be discomfort but it is only natural.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “All relationships are the result of strategy.”
Veena Venugopal Quote: “In India, modernity is like a new outfit, you wear it only when you go out. Once home, you can take it off and go back to living like it is 1813.”
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