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Veera Hiranandani Quotes

Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Sometimes the sadness about you being gone comes and finds me after not being there for a while. Something makes me think about you and then I get sad for a long time.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “It feels scary to talk, because once the words are out, you can’t put them back in. But if you write words and they don’t come out the way you want them to, you can erase them and start over.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “When you divide people, they take sides.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Sometimes the world as you know it just decides to become something else.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Kazi tells me stories about you once in a while. I hardly ask him to tell me about you, though, because I’m afraid that the stories might run out. I want to save them, like a treat.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “I needed all the feelings to stop boiling like a pot of dal and be cool enough for me to taste them.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “All that suffering, all that death, for nothing. I will never understand, as long as I live, how a country could change overnight from a line drawn.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Everybody thinks they are protecting and defending their people. But we are all people, right?” -Papa.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Secretly, I want the box more than the jewelry. I want it to be all mine and never have to give it back. I could find any old thing – a pebble, a leaf, a pistachio shell – and put it in the box. Like magic, these things would get to be special at least for a day.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “I don’t ask many questions, so it would be fairer if he answered the few I ask. He should be more appreciative. I could be like Amil and ask a question every five seconds, but he doesn’t answer many of those either.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “I had never wondered about being safe before. I just thought I was.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “I used to think of people by their names and what they looked like, or what they did. Sahil sells pakoras on the corner. Now I look at him and think Sikh. My teacher, Sir Habib, is now my Muslim teacher. My friend Sabeen is happy and talks a lot. Now she’s my Muslim friend. Papa’s friend, Dr. Ahmed, is now a Muslim doctor. I think of everyone I know and try to remember if they are Hindu or Muslim or Sikh and who has to go and who can stay.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Do we have to take a side?” I asked. “I think it’s safer. That way you know who your enemy is,” Amil said, and crossed his arms tightly over his chest. “But if we don’t take a side, then we don’t have any enemies.” “I don’t think it works that way,” Amil said.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “It took a lot of energy to ask that question. I wished he had answered it. I don’t know when I’ll be able to ask it again.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “He misses the time he had with you. I miss the time I didn’t have.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “It feels like we’re really in a story now. I’ve heard about stories like these, about people who flee their homes in a war with nothing but the clothes and food on their backs. Now that’s who we are, even though there’s not a war here, but it’s like a war. It seems almost like a made-up war.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Making food always brings people together” -Kazi.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “You can’t split us. You can’t split love.”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “Were we just at the mercy of leaders who couldn’t agree?”
Veera Hiranandani Quote: “It’s one thing to understand facts and another thing to understand why those facts are facts.”
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