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Verne Troyer Quotes

Verne Troyer Quote: “I love London. I would move here. I like British people; everybody is so down to earth.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “In Men in Black, it was a very small character, no pun intended.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “There’s nobody else that can double me – except for a doll.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “Doing stunt work is risky, but it’s something I enjoy.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “The Amish like to live a very plain lifestyle, the way they think God intended. It sort of brings you back to, like, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ days or something.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I felt probably more uncomfortable than Beyonce. But I can’t answer for her.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “There’s times when you’re having dinner with a good friend and you’re in the middle of a conversation and somebody comes up and cuts you off. Can you sign this? Can I take a picture with you? I’m adjusting to all the attention.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I’m a big sports fan. College football is my favorite.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “People have a good time with all the catch phrases.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I can play the leading man. I can play the action hero, maybe in just a different way. I look at it as, you know, if you set your mind to it, you can do it.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I stay away from the elf roles; I stay away from playing a leprechaun. All the roles I try to do are something that an average actor would do.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I was just the perfect person to play the Mini-Me character.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I’ll be one of the Who’s of Whoville.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “What I really enjoy the most is seeing what the crowd likes. I enjoy making people laugh.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I still pinch myself that I ended up in Hollywood. And I am still surprised at the fans.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I just take it one day at a time. Austin Powers has given me a lot of opportunities as far as my career.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “In high school and college all my friends and my brother wrestled.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “If I did everything, I probably wouldn’t be here talking to you. There aren’t too many people who can actually double me, so I do most of my stunts though.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “Me being able to beat up Austin Powers? I mean, how great can that be?”
Verne Troyer Quote: “We were doing the dance routine and I dislocated my knee. I’ve been doing stunts for a long time and it’s kind of weird that I’d dislocate my knee just dancing.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “It’s hard for me to even watch comedies I’m in.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I’ve done approximately 15 films, and most of the things I’ve done have either been stunt or costume work.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I grew up in Michigan, in a very small town, Centreville. In my graduating class I had like 92 people.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I think it was a good challenge for me to get my reactions across without being able to speak.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “Now I get to pick and choose exactly what I want to do.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I went to see the film with a regular audience for the first time on Sunday, and was basically swamped.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “I think when average-size people start taking roles that were meant for dwarfs, that’s a little frustrating because there aren’t that many roles out there for height-challenged actors.”
Verne Troyer Quote: “In the film, I’m not very mobile, like in the space suit.”
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