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Walter J. Phillips Quotes

Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Be content with nothing less than perfection.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Water is the most expressive element in nature. It responds to every mood from tranquility to turbulence.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Aerial perspective has nothing to do with line, but concerns tones and colours, by the delicate manipulation of which an artist can suggest infinite distance.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “A landscape painting in which composition is ignored is like a line taken from a poem at random: it lacks context, and may or may not make sense.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Beauty may be perceived in any scene by one with sympathy and understanding. Beauty is in the mind.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Drawing is the representation of form – the graphic expression of a visual experience.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Difficulties will assail you only when you lack in concentration and persistence.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Any subject is suitable provided it is of sufficient interest, but the design must be very carefully considered, and plenty of time and thought given to its construction.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The student’s ambition should be to become a painter’s painter, rather than a popular painter. The approbation of fellow artists based on sympathy and understanding is manifestly better than the fickle or fast homage of the greater public.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “A landscape painting is essentially emotional in origin. It exists as a record of an effect in nature whose splendour has moved a human heart, and according as it is well or ill done it moves the hearts of others.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Beauty, pleasure, and the good things of life are intensified, and perhaps only exist, by reason of contrast.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “It is not in the nature of lenses to tell the whole truth. They are instruments of exaggeration and belittlement.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The syllogism art for art’s sake refers to that kind of painting which disregards, or is contrary to, public taste.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Many of the old masters of watercolour painted from notes, with enthusiasm either unabated or renewed. It is hard to assume the same degree of concentration in the studio, but not impossible.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Appreciation is the breath of life to the creative artist, and in spite of modern conditions, there is enough abroad to sustain him. But his name is now legion; he competes with the dead as well as the living; and the rewards and honours seem attenuated by division.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Colour is as variable and evanescent in the form of pigment as in visible nature.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “It is the incompetent and the neglected artist who charges the public with ignorance, stupidity, and indifference. He raves loudly, but he is incomprehensible, even inarticulate, in his work.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Etching will suggest subtle variations of tone, the most delicate shadings, all with black lines, which, as far as lines go, are unsurpassed for sheer beauty.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “When technique is obtrusive it becomes mere mannerism, a conscious striving for effect. It is only a means to an end – the manner of putting paint to paper. It hardly embraces the expressive side of painting.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Watercolour painting is notoriously difficult – so much depends on directness and speed, and certainty of intention. Tentative or fumbling touches are disastrous, for they cannot be obliterated easily.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The importance of colour is as nothing compared with that of form, chiaroscuro and arrangement. They are the true and enduring bases of pictorial art.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Rhythm is as necessary in a picture as pigment; it is as much a part of painting as of music.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The beauty and wonders of nature are as alluring as the pursuit of Art, and made of me a landscape painter.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Realism is condemned by those artists whose poverty of technique does not permit them to express it.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “It is remarkable how very individual technique becomes in watercolour. Every man of personality finally arrives at a method peculiarly his own, as unique as his own fingerprint.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “When spring is here the sketcher begins to look over his equipment and relishes in anticipation the soothing hours he will spend in the open, warmed by the sun, fanned by the breeze, charmed by the manifold delights of nature.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The play of sunlight is amusement enough for a lazy man...”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “It is evident that no derivative laws can teach the young student to see and apprehend colour in nature. His perception needs development as urgently as his muscles.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The artist reserves the right to remove a blot on the landscape, to change positions of things, to suit his composition, providing only that he does not transgress the laws of probability.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “A horizontal or vertical line lacks energy, compared with one that deviates from either. The difference between these graphic expressions is the difference between movement and repose.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “A painter may be an abandoned mimic; at school he copies his teachers, which is only right, but he copies in turn every artist in town, which is not. He may do you that honour.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Humility counts for much, but it may be that vanity does not dispossess that admirable quality.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Take away a painter’s vanity, said a famous landscape painter, and he will never touch a pencil again.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Since art exists for humanity it is not unreasonable to assume that humanity has some rights in the matter. Who pays the piper calls the tune. An artist cannot be at once a rebel and a comfortable citizen.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “In most natural scenes there is a prevailing colour, which the landscape painter must learn to identify, and which must prevail also in a slightly exaggerated form, in his painting, for the sake of truth, harmony and unity.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Every successful painter has worked hard. He cannot rest after having gained a certain degree of facility in drawing, and expect to retain it. He must advance or fall behind. Without practice he will forget; his eye will fail him; and his hand will deny its master.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Annoyance arises from the feared implication that we are copyists in subject or treatment, or both, whereas the common qualities that establish the relationship result merely from a similarity of method.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “While sincerity and over-anxiety can spoil a picture, through superfluous elaboration and unnecessary correction, the carelessness that would leave it in an unfinished state is even more reprehensible.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Pseudo-critics prefer to direct their remarks to the artist – Heaven forgive them – but one due rather to a common impression that such an attitude is the correct one, that all paintings should be figuratively mutilated, and that all artists are fair game, or really grateful perhaps for a few tips.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The public is the tribunal before which all art is judged – not the critics or the academies. The public is the artist’s only patron, and has certain fundamental rights. It will submit to education, and will respond to suggestion, but it will not be bullied.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Luminosity is a quality dependent as much on technique as on the physical properties of individual pigments.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “A mistake in drawing becomes difficult to detect when the eye is familiar with it.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The rewards of art are not always commensurate with its quality. It affords a precarious living.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The deserving are not always blest. That peculiar attribute known as personality is as potent a factor as genius.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “There must be a judicious arrangement of all the parts. Considered conversely, the artist’s task is to fill his panel with a design that conforms to its shape and is beautiful in itself.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “The beauties of conception are always superior to those of expression.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Many rules for the creation of colour schemes have been published in recent years, but, while they are popular in commercial studies, I know of no creative artist who employs them. They are, per se, restrictive; their use precludes any chance of adventuring in this interesting field.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Submit your work to interested societies for exhibition where the critics in the light of their physical well-being and according to the extent of their knowledge, may appraise them conveniently.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “I don’t like to think that I am a slave to technique, or so inept that I have to restrict myself to one method.”
Walter J. Phillips Quote: “Let it not be assumed that the artist is so smug as to dislike true criticism. No sincere artist was ever completely satisfied with his labour.”
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