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Top 25 Wayne Thiebaud Quotes (2022 Update)

Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Every paint-stroke takes you farther and farther away from your initial concept. And you have to be thankful for that.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Discipline is not a restriction but an aid to freedom.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Art means something very rare, an extraordinary achievement.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Common objects become strangely uncommon when removed from their context and ordinary ways of being seen.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “I don’t make a lot of distinctions between things like landscape or figure painting, because to me the problems are inherently the same – lighting, color, structure, and so on – certainly traditional and ordinary problems.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Painting is more important than art.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “If we don’t have a sense of humor, we lack a sense of perspective.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “As far as I’m concerned, there is only one study and that is the way in which things relate to one another.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Morandi gave an intimate view of his deepest thoughts. We watched him inquiring after the devilish questions of essences and substances.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Art is not delivered like the morning paper; it has to be stolen from Mount Olympus.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “The Gold Rush and the Pony Express made Sacramento a substantial place in terms of enterprise.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “If I don’t have anything better to do that day, I’ll copy paintings, generally by people who have some relationship to the work of the moment.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “If you stare at an object, as you do when you paint, there is no point at which you stop learning things from it.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “I think of myself as a beginner. Sometimes that’s the whole joy. If you could just do it, there’d be no point in doing it.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “My sin as a painter is that I just want to paint anything I want to paint – and repaint.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “I’m not just interested in the pictorial aspects of the landscape – see a pretty place and try to paint it – but in some way to manage it, manipulate it, or see what I can turn it into.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “I haven’t the slightest idea what art is, but to be a painter is something of which you have to prove.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “We all need critical confrontation of the fullest and most extreme kind that we can get. You can unnecessarily limit yourself by choosing your criticism...”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “An artist needs the best studio instruction, the most rigorous demands, and the toughest criticism in order to tune up his sensibilities.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “When you think of painting as painting it is rather absurd. The real world is before us – glorious sunlight and activity and fresh air, and high speed motor cars and television, all the animation – a world apart from a little square of canvas that you smear paint on.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “A painter is always overjoyed when anybody pays any attention to him at all, puts him in any category, calls him anything – as long as they call him something.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Art is one of the dirtiest words in our language; it’s mucked up with all kinds of meanings. There’s the art of plumbing; there’s the art of almost anything that you can say.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “I’m a believer in the notion that artists who do good work believe in the ideas of extremes.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Morandi suggests we are all single in this world, hoping for independent repose. But our best opportunity for a community of excellence depends upon a collection of enlightened individuals.”
Wayne Thiebaud Quote: “Diebenkorn was a very good critic, a very tough critic, tough on himself, tough on others. He expected the finest.”
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