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Wendy Mass Quotes

Wendy Mass Quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “They say the eyes are the window to the soul.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “If nothing ever changed, there would be no such things as butterflies.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “You never know, life is short but it’s wide.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “The trick is that as long as you know who you are and what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter how others see you.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I’m going to tell you a secret. Our lives are shaped by the future, not by the past. Once you decide how you want your life to be, all you need to do is live into that future.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I’ve learned that everyone can do their part to repair the world.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “There’s a fight going on inside of everyone between a good wolf and a bad wolf, but the one you feed is the one who wins.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Life is short, have dessert first.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “When people see you’re happy doing what you’re doing, it sort of takes the power away from them to tease you about it.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Maybe some things aren’t meant to be known. maybe there just meant to be accepted.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “The sidelines may be safer but life is played on the field.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Just as I suspected, my room does look different, post-eclipse. It looks smalled, like it can’t contain me anymore. After all, I’ve got a whole new world to see.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Life gives meaning to life. The answer to the meaning of life is hidden right there inside the question.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I blend in the backgroud. when I arive for lunch my friends are surprised i’m not already there.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “My sweat smells like peanut-butter.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I am not plain, or average or – God forbid – vanilla. I am peanut butter rocky road with multicolored sprinkles, hot fudge and a cherry on top.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I’m going to be so normal that when people look up normal in the dictionary, my name will be there.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Wherever you end up, I wish you clear skies. Always.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “A wise man once remarked that we can count how many seeds are in the apple, but not how many apples are in the seed.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Nothing nice you ever do for anyone is for no reason.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “The thing about leaving something behind for the last time is that you rarely realize you’re doing it.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I blame my dad for my sweet tooth. His motto was ‘Life is short; eat dessert first.’ How can I argue with that?”
Wendy Mass Quote: “It’s not an old book, or a treasure map. Nope. Staring up at me was a pile of rocks.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “The people on the train with me don’t know it, but in my head I’m dancing.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I’ve learned that if you wait long enough, you might get a second chance at something you gave up on. And sometimes you’ll be the one to give the second chance to someone else.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “All those people in their black-and-white worlds – they have no idea what they’re missing.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Without the color, I don’t know how to proceed. I’m lost in shades of gray.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Everyone thinks I named my cat Mango because of his orange eyes, but that’s not the case. I named him Mango because the sounds of his purrs and his wheezes and his meows are all various shades of yellow-orange.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “If everyone waited to do something good until they had purely unselfish motivations, no good would ever get done in the world. The point is to do it anyway.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “When I was your age I knew nothing about the world or my place in it. I figured I’d be someone’s wife, then someone’s mother. It never occurred to me to be someone myself.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Sometimes the universe, it wants us to pause for a moment. To reflect on what’s happening in our lives.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “After all, they’d be busy for a while, they were Candymakers now, and they had a whole lotta candy to make.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I bet if you go through the rest of your life telling yourself, “I’m sparkling,” you’ll have a whole different energy and experience.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Sometimes the best things look the strangest.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I had been in the ditch for 2 and a half min. I wondered if my friends missed me.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “My arms flew up of thier own accord knoking my bag down. I grabbed hold of the desk to keep myself from falling down.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Its a very good book and i wish i read it first than anyone else!!!!”
Wendy Mass Quote: “I’ve learned that almost anyone will help if you ask for it.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “You won’t get what you want, Rory Swenson, until you see what you need.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Me – accused of being too nice. It boggles the mind.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Always keep your eyes open. Don’t block your own sunshine. Be filled with wonder.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “The future is all possibilities, but the past is set in stone. All those ghosts of ourselves, our youth, still alive inside us, but out of our reach forever. We meet them when we close our eyes, when we let our memories come alive. But that’s all they are. Memories. No more real than a dream.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Why do you like books so much?” he asked. Miles answered without taking his face away from the window. “You never know what you’ll learn when you open one. And if it’s a story, you sort of fall into it. Then you live there for a while, instead of, you know, living here.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “May you fall from the top of the Chrysler Building and may people lean out their windows and hit you on the head with a baseball bat as you go by.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “Lean back, tighten abs, keep arms locked, look for a place to land my hands.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “And why is an orange the only fruit that has to share its name with its color? A banana isn’t called yellow. It’s not fair. If I were an orange, I would complain.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “If I could paint, I would do it myself.”
Wendy Mass Quote: “So we stand there, part of a crowd a thousand people strong, beaming up at the sky with wonder. I knew with a sudden certainty that wherever I am in the future – up in my treehouse, alone in the school cafeteria, or trying to figure out what my teachers are talking about, a part of me will always be right here, right now, wish that giant eye in the sky shining down on me, telling me it’s going to be alright.”
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