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William Gurnall Quotes

William Gurnall Quote: “We fear men so much, because we fear God so little.”
William Gurnall Quote: “It is the image of God reflected in you that so enrages hell; it is this at which the demons hurl their mightiest weapons.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Set a strong guard about thy outward senses: these are Satan’s landing places, especially the eye and the ear.”
William Gurnall Quote: “God’s wounds cure, sin’s kisses kill.”
William Gurnall Quote: “To forsake sin, is to leave it without any thought reserved of returning to it again.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The storm may be tempestuous, but it is only temporary.”
William Gurnall Quote: “We must not confide in the armour of God, but in the God of this armour, because all our weapons are only mighty through God.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The chains of love are stronger than the chains of fear.”
William Gurnall Quote: “We must come to good works by faith, and not to faith by good works.”
William Gurnall Quote: “One Almighty is more than all mighties.”
William Gurnall Quote: “If thou beest ever so exact in thy morals, and not a worshiper of God, then thou art an atheist.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Job’s friends chose the right time to visit him, but took not the right course of improving their visit; had they spent the time in praying for him which they did in hot disputes with him, they would have profited him, and pleased God more.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Cease to pray and thou will begin to sin. Prayer is not only a means to prevail for mercy but also to prevent sin.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The Word of God is too sacred a thing, and preaching too solemn a work, to be toyed and played with.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Blind zeal is soon put to a shameful retreat, while holy resolution, built on fast principles, lifts up its head like a rock in the midst of the waves.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Compare Scripture with Scripture. False doctrines, like false witnesses, agree not among themselves.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The Christian, like a chalice without a base, cannot stand on his own nor hold what he has received any longer that God holds him in His strong hands.”
William Gurnall Quote: “In heaven we shall appear, not in armour, but in robes of glory. But here these are to be worn night and day; we must walk, work, and sleep in them, or else we are not true soldiers of Christ.”
William Gurnall Quote: “And while God had work for Paul, he found him friends both in court and prison. Let persecutors send saints to prison, God can provide a keeper for their turn.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Never venture near the door where sin dwells, lest you are dragged in.”
William Gurnall Quote: “We are justified, not by giving anything to God, – what we do, – but by receiving from God, what Christ hath done for us.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Humility is a necessary veil to all other graces.”
William Gurnall Quote: “We live by faith, and faith lives by exercise.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Our enemies are on every side, so must our armour be.”
William Gurnall Quote: “We are bid to take, not to make our cross.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The soldier is summoned to a life of active duty and so is the Christian.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The Christian must trust in a withdrawing God.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Say not that thou hast royal blood in thy veins; say not that thou art born of God if thou canst not prove thy pedigree by daring to be holy!”
William Gurnall Quote: “Cowards never won heaven. Do not claim that you are begotten of God and you have His royal blood running in your veins unless you can prove your lineage by His heroic spirit: to dare to be holy in spite of men and devils.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Prayer is nothing but the promise reversed, or God’s Word formed into an argument, and retorted by faith upon God again.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Let thy hope of heaven master thy fear of death. Why shouldst thou be afraid to die, who hopest to live by dying!”
William Gurnall Quote: “Never was a faithful prayer lost. Some prayers have a longer voyage than others, but then they return with their richer lading at last, so that the praying soul is a gainer by waiting for an answer.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Can Christ be in thou heart and thou not know it? Can one king be dethroned and another crowned in thy soul and thou hear no scuffle?”
William Gurnall Quote: “Christ is the door that opens into God’s presence and lets the soul into His very bosom, faith is the key that unlocks the door; but the Spirit is He that makes this key.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Humble souls are fearful of their own strength.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Least doers are the greatest boasters.”
William Gurnall Quote: “All the plots of hell and commotions on earth have not so much as shaken God’s hand to spoil one letter or line he has been drawing.”
William Gurnall Quote: “When people do not mind what God speaks to them in His word, God doth as little mind what they say to Him in prayer.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Peace of conscience is nothing but the echo of pardoning mercy.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The Christian is bred by the Word, and he must be fed by it.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The devil had as good have let Paul alone, for he no sooner comes into prison but he falls a preaching, at which the gates of Satan’s prison fly open, and poor sinners come forth.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Praying is the same to the new creature as crying is to the natural. The child is not learned by art or example to cry, but instructed by nature; it comes into the world crying. Praying is not a lesson got by forms and rules of art, but flowing from principles of new life itself.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Pride of gifts robs us of God’s blessing in the use of them.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Godliness, as well as the doctrine of our faith, is a mystery.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The Christian is to proclaim and prosecute an irreconcilable war against his bosom sins; those sins which have lain nearest his heart, must now be trampled under his feet.”
William Gurnall Quote: “God would not rub so hard if it were not to fetch out the dirt that is ingrained in our natures. God loves purity so well He had rather see a hole than a spot in His child’s garments.”
William Gurnall Quote: “The Christian’s life should put his minister’s sermon in print.”
William Gurnall Quote: “A minister, without boldness, is like a smooth file, a knife without an edge, a sentinel that is afraid to let off his gun. If men will be bold in sin, ministers must be bold to reprove.”
William Gurnall Quote: “It is not only our duty to pray for others, but also to desire the prayers of others for ourselves.”
William Gurnall Quote: “Few are made better by prosperity, whom afflictions make worse.”
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